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Basic Info


Hideji Koda


in his mid to late 30s




close friends with his *older brother, Kazumasa




  HEADS UP.. due to the nature of the genre of the setting (crime organizations) there are mentions of violence and death in this character's bio! Only proceed if you feel comfortable about these topics.

Background • • •

  • Hideji and Kazumasa were best friends all throughout their childhood and they grew up together, basically treated each other as family. Kazumasa was from a rather poor family and needed money, so he decided to join the Yakuza. Hideji was young and known for making rather dumb and brash decisions, joined alongside Kazumasa.
  • So both Kazumasa and Hideji joined the Yakuza, which at the time had a rather smooth deal with Oh-Sung's organization.
  • Together, they slowly climbed up the ranks, but Kazumasa was especially doing well. On the day Kazumasa got promoted to a pretty decent rank, he brought a fancy house with a pond and invited Hideji over for a party. In a drunken night out, they buy a whole bunch of koi fish and set them loose in the pond. It was that night that they also both obtained their natural tattoos together, Kazumasa finally earning enough to support his family and Hideji couldn't be happier for him.
  • The next day, Kazumasa slightly regretted his purchases, but Hideji became fond of the koi, saying it symbolizes good fortune and perseverance, and tells him that he will take care of them.
  • Things were going pretty well for a couple of years, up until an accident happened that hospitalized Oh-Sung and made him blind. Rumors started circulated that it was the Yakuza that organized the incident and the media subscribed to it. They framed Kazumasa to have planned this all out, saying that he became greedy for power after being promoted in a such a short amount of time. They wanted to talk it out but Oh-Sung refused to listen.
  • Not long after that, Kazumasa was found dead, presumably murdered by Oh-Sung's men, and Hideji wants payback.

Personality • • •

  • Hideji is naturally quite a playful person and loves socializing, he is easy to hang out with. Unfortunately, he is a bit clumsy and often makes small mistakes. He's been lucky enough to get away with most, and if the problem was too big, then Kazumasa would bail him out anyways.
  • Ever since Kazumasa's death, Hideji wants to improve himself, work smarter and make less mistakes, because no one is here to bail him out anymore once he screws up.
  • He is actually quite impulsive and often relies on his gut feeling with his actions.....

Physicality • • •

  • He isn't overly muscular (in fact, he is slightly chubby) but he is pretty strong. 
  • Tattoos cover his pecs and a bit of his upper arms.

*note: "older brother" isn't to be taken literally... think of it as just a higher ranked member

Extra stuff
  • Hideji is actually still caring for the koi fish. He loves each and every one of them.
  • tattoos include: koi fish, water