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But anyway I got a question lol

Do you know if there’s a way to create a link between Alice and Kizana since there friends?

Also I have another sorry

Should Kizana be like a mother figure to Alice since she’s a lot older or should they just be good friends or something?

I don’t know how but I think it’s possible. For now I’m probably gonna fill a profile form like Aizaki for Alice and there is a link section in that.

As for the latter question, I say good friends but whatever you think would fit

Oh okay, I was just asking becuase I know you can create links between your OCS,and you can talk about how they’d feel towards each other and stuff.

And alright that’ll work, I was just wondering since Kizana is a lot older than Alice.

I figured out that there is a links section in the character’s page that you can use, but when I tried on my phone it only showed me my characters...

Yeah, the same thing happened to me.

So I don’t think it’s possible :/

I figured it out

You have to go onto the character who you want to link yours with and go to Links and all that

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