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The glandular tentacles grow and wither similar to how human hair grows and falls out but at a slower pace. The tentacles allow the animal to neglect taxing hunts and focus on a less exhausting search for food like berries, fruits and slugs. The animals seem to feel no pain when the stem or the tentacles are withering or hurt.

This is a genderless species. They reproduce through polination. The flower stem starts growing shortly before 'mating season' which occurs once a year, and the blossoms will bloom for a short period of time. The amount of blossoms can differ but usually ranges from one to nine. To prevent uncontrolled reproduction in domesticated animals owners usually cover the flower stem using a plastic wrap or similar and a rubber band. The cover is left on until the stem falls off by itself. Cutting the stem is thought to cause a sever hormonal imbalance in the animal. This same technique is used to induce controlled reproduction. With a cotton bud the pollen are carefully collected inside the wrap and transferred to the recieving animal's blossom.

When the blossom is polinated, it produces one seed. Once the blossom and stem start withering, the seed is released. A tentacle to catch small insects like fruit flies starts emerging from inside the seed's hull as soon as it falls to the ground. The tentacle provides the young chameleon inside the seed with nutrients until it is strong enough to leave the hull. There are no specifics to consider as the hatchling can survive on any type of ground.

Oswald stays at the grumpier side of life and gets offended easily when you invade his personal space. He just wants some peace most of the time. Be gentle when you handle him and he might get used to you when you don't bother him too often. He is not a very energetic or active fellow.