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【 Name 】 Rylla  [rhy - lah]【 Eyes 】 Pink
【 Gender 】 Female【 Color 】 Pastel Rainbow Gradient (blue-purple-pink-orange)
【 Special 】 Rainbow【 Markings 】 Pink Spots
【 Wings 】 None【 Fur 】 Sleek

About Rylla

Rylla doesn't take herself too seriously. She is rather mischievous but a softie at heart. It genuinely hurts her feelings when she plays a joke or prank and somehow hurts the other creatures feelings. As such, she is super careful about who, how, and when she has her fun. She wants to make sure it is fun for everyone!

Rylla loves both the material plane and the magical plane. However, the material plane is her bread-and-butter! She loves the creatures there and new ways to play jokes and pranks on those creatures. She also enjoys tripping humans. They are very trusting and gullible, and all the other creatures seem to find it amusing... and humans, for whatever reason, seem to be okay with it...

【 Likes 】
  • Playing fun jokes
  • Napping in the sun
【 Dislikes 】
  • Making other creatures upset or cry
  • Being taken seriously...
【 Magical Abilities 】
  • Prismatic Shatter
  • Boom Voice



[ older sister ]

Super sweet, me and Reia hang out all the time! She likes to think she;s 'the protector' tho... and I let her think that XD


[ older sister ]

Me and my sis like to travel together with her friend, Dani. We have some great fun and adventures together!


[ sis's friend ]

Not really 'my' friend but that's only because Arc met her first! We rock it out on our adventures nonetheless and have a blast!


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