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Personal Info
1 foot long
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Kana is a galactkoi that lives in the planet of Valla. She is the most important figure of her species, and acts as the most important member of the galactkoi. She is also the smallest of her kind, but don't let her small appearance fool you- she has the tendency to fight back!


Kana has crystallized fins, a normal dorsal fin, yellow eyes and mouth, and a long, slender body. The color of her nova fire are blue, purple, and pink. Finally, her body is covered with dark blue scales. She looks basically the same as normal galactkoi, except that she's the smallest of her kind, being only 1 foot long.


Just like the residents of Valla, she is peaceful, miraculous, and sentient. However, she is sometimes amnesiac, and usually loses some of her memories. Whenever she gets lost, she spits out fire to guide her way. Kana is always outgoing and adventurous, and is often on the run. She enjoys looking at the night sky, and she believed that one day, she would meet new faces when she returns there. Kana does struggle through a lot of hardships and strife, so whenever she's in danger, she does not give in, and fights back with her power, which can be used to fend off dangerous creatures.


Kana had lost her memories throughout the years in her life, and became amnesiac. As a result, her backstory is very vague.

Kana was born from the stars just like the other galactkoi. However, shortly after, she was taken away by a group of unknown men for a science experiment, but escaped from their grasp. Later on, she was hit by an asteroid, and was sent flying deep into space. Wondering where her family went, she was found and raised by the other galactkoi, neither of them which belong to her family. Nothing else is known about it.


Just like other galactkoi, she can breath/spit out fire, and can travel through space. However, unlike her species, she has abilities that other galactkoi cannot do, and is listed as followed:

Unique Abilities

  • Time-travelling: Kana has the ability to go through not only space, but also time, itself. She can go through the past, present, and future, and can also fix the wrongdoings that occurred in the latter.
  • Witness: Kana has the ability to witness what would happen 5 minutes in the future, and if something bad happens there, then she can prevent it by either saving a loved one, or avoid any danger that could/would happen to others.
  • Star-shifting: Kana can move the stars around, and can create new ones from the nova. Nothing else is known about this ability.


  • Nova breath
  • Supernova blast
  • Time warp


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
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While not much is known about the relationship between Kana and the unnamed god, it is once believed that she descended from him, and that she has the same powers as he did. The god has created the galactfish, and his species worshiped him, including Kana herself.



  • She was going to be a tomupede, a species that was made, but rejected by me, but I turned her into something else instead. Kana was originally one of my sonas for a short period, but she is currently being treated as a normal character.
  • Kana seems to have no fear against the residents of Echo.
  • Galactkoi is a story species (Not a closed species). Please do not make your own!