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Aalok | ??? (Younger than his reminisce of the original, possibly young adult ) | Ikusagadian (Moon Variant) | ice/steel | Genderless {He/Him pronouns} | Bisexual | Single

he was born only few years ago, at the same time his father or reminisce of the legendary pokemon named Azizos vanished without a trace. 
he usually lives with an unnamed Shiratoryo aka his sister, though he wanders around.
he's a skittish and gets scared quite easily but he's becoming braver a bit.

he's evolved into an Ikusagadian, trying to fill the void for his predecessor.
it seems tough for him, like a teenager who just became a young adult, forced into adult responsibilities alone.
the moves he has is Moonlight, Sword of Karasai, Mirror Shot and Moon Blast.