Content Warning

Character Content Warning

This character profile has been marked with a content warning:

Fate is a villain!

This means that she may say things and do actions that are against "good" morality! An example would be stabbing someone with her kinfe (which would be marked for gore, don't worry).

That said, I do not condone actions done by Fate that are against "good" morality. I am simply using the character the way she was intended to be used. It is against the law to attempt to or to successfully murder someone. I know this, do not worry.

On the flipside, I will not change the way I roleplay as Fate specifically for you. If you are a snowflake and can't handle having an edgy villain in your roleplay, then don't say yes to my using Fate. It's as simple as telling me "I don't really want to RP with her." I realize that Fate is not a good fit for many roleplays.

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