Nanook Thawe



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Nanook Thawe is my Inuit styled wizard uses the teachings of the spirits to empower his Ice magic!

Nanook was born and raised in the icy tundra. A secluded village where the neighboring landscape was just short of barren. The frozen shores the nearby seafront preying on the fish and wildlife being the only real source of food. Life still had it's joy in company, the village as a community raised Nanook. 

   Years later just on the cusp of adulthood Nanook's small village was tormented by an ice hag. The hag attempting to torture and starve the village cut off food and killed those who attempted to leave. The village people eventually found the hut of the witch. In an attempt to save their people, the remaining Hunters banded together and ambushed the hut while Nanook, sent with the women, children and the village chief, went to seek aid from the closet neighboring village. Trouble came Nanook's way in the form of a sudden onset blizzard.

    With the combination of starvation and sudden storm the numbers dwindled down to the village Chief and Nanook. The Chief, who has overseen Nanook's upbringing, knew only one way to save the young boy. Revealing Her true identity and releasing the facade showed Nanook that she was and elder silver dragon that want to live quietly as a human amongst the village. Weak from age and now starvation the chief passed away granting Nanook the gift of a dragon's soul and the teaching of the spirits of ice. Barely making it alive Nanook reached the nearest village but as a person changed by fate. Now seeking aid and the furthering his magical ability.

Nanook's blood and entire being due to these events has been changed and chilled leaving visibly a scar of frostbite on his face and an eye of ice and cold. Nanook no longer sees his breath in the cool air but instead sees the breathing when in warmer weather. So his breath would always be in that state of frigid visibility and would always be cold to the touch.

HEIGHT: 5'6"

WEIGHT: 125 lbs.

AGE: 22

Sorcerer lvl1/ Wizard lvl 4

HP: 23    AC:15


Elemental Adept

Spells you cast ignore resistance to cold damage, and when you roll damage for a spell you cast that deals cold damage, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.

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