- My Character Design TOS -



1 year, 22 days ago


I will link to here whenever selling a relevant product. 

By obtaining ownership of one of my designs you agree to these terms. 

When re-selling, gifting or trding my designs you must link the buyer to here.

1) Giving correct credit

 I must be credited properly for the design with a link to my toyhouse account.  

I must remain credited for the original design even if the character is redesigned or altered, no matter how drastic any changes may be. You may also credit users involved in the redesign, but i must still be credited.

2) Design Changes

All and any design changes are acceptable. You may even transfer it to an open or closed species, if the species rules allow it.

3) Reselling designs

All potential buyers must be aware of my TOS before purchasing the character. You should link to this TOS when putting one of my character designs up for resale.

Only purchased designs may be resold or traded. (see section 4 for information about reselling & trading designs obtained for free)

 When reselling/trading/gifting my designs you cannot add your own extra rules to the character.

- You can notify me that you have resold/traded one of my designs if you want, but this is not mandatory. Its just helpful to have a record of who owns what in the case of character theft, which is why i'm suggesting this idea. 

4) Reselling free designs by me

(the following only applies to free characters created from September 2018 onwards). 

If the design was given out for free it cannot be traded or sold for any currency or form of profit. It cannot be traded for other characters.

Designs obtained for free must acquire an art piece of some kind before the character can be sold or traded. This 'art piece' my be any visual artistic form that recognisably depicts the character. Once this artistic piece is created the design can be traded for other characters or sold for any currency (section 3 would apply in this case).

5) Other

Sometimes i have guidelines when i sell, trade or gift one of my designs. If they have a guideline that isn't stated here i will state the rule when i give them away. 

- Please make sure to keep a note of the extra thing.

- If someone else ends up with the design make sure to tell them of that extra thing as well as the tos. 

-  these guidelines are just guidelines. Whilst i'd much prefer the guidelines are respected & followed I can't really do anything if a guideline isn't followed

- If the design is of a closed or open species, please make sure to follow the species rules (or species tos if applicable). In this event my reselling sections (section 3 & 4) do not apply and the species rules on reselling applies instead. However my toyhou.se account must still be credited, so keep that in mind. 

- Other -

I do not 'revoke' my designs that have been legitimately obtained. 

If you suspect that somebody has stolen my designs please contact me asap!  If it has happened on a site i am not on please do all that you can to report it and get it taken down (after i have confirmed that it's likely stolen).