- Character Design TOS -



1 year, 8 months ago


I will link to here whenever selling a relevant product. 

1) Giving correct credit

▪ RupturedRaptor must be credited properly for the character design by crediting his toyhou.se account. 

▪ If a design is redesigned or altered RupturedRaptor must still be credited for the original design, no matter how drastic any changes may be.  

2) Design Changes

▪ All and any design changes are acceptable. 

▪ Character designs can be transferred to a closed or open species if the species rules allows it. -RupturedRaptor must still be credited for the design.

3) Reselling designs

▪When re-selling or trading his designs you must link the potentual buyer to here before they make a purchase.

▪When reselling/trading/gifting his designs you cannot add your own extra rules to the character.

▪(the following only applies to designs obtained for free that were created from September 2018 onwards) If the design was given out for free it cannot be traded or sold for any currency or form of profit.  It cannot be traded for other designs or art. It can be gifted. - the ONLY exception to this would be if the character comes with art either commissioned or created by yourself.