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nasty crime boy

  • Name Tyr
  • Age 130
  • Height 6'9"
  • Occupation mage
  • Race troll
  • Personality

    Tyr is pretty apathetic about most things. He basically has no morals and will take any job offered to him if it pays well enough. Deep down, he does care a little bit about his family, and a few people that have managed to get close to him.

  • Appearance

    Tyr is a little over six and a half feet tall. He has light blue stone skin, with dark blue hair growing from both his head and his back- almost down to his long tail. He has two horns sticking up from his wild hair, and three eyes- all blue.

  • Likes reading, hard candy, crystals
  • Dislikes spicy things, birds, open spaces
  • Backstory

    Tyr grew up living relatively close to a human village. While his parents and older sister visited town occasionally, Tyr preferred to stay at home and study magic from the few books they had. When his sister got stabbed by a human, their parents decided to move, and Tyr went with them.

    When they passed through a large city, he was able to experience what advanced magic users could do, and decided nothing would stop him from learning more. It turned out magic books can be pretty expensive so, not having much money, he turned to crime. Starting out by taking anything offered, people eventually started hiring him for some pretty well-paying jobs. Unfortunately, during a crime, he was caught - so he ran away from the city, leaving his employers and associates to answer for what he had done. Knowing that she probably wouldn't care, he decided to stay at his sister's house in Riverpost until things blew over - eventually establishing his own residence after seeing the state of hers.

  • Freya sister

    Tyr's older sister and the town alchemist, they get along pretty well despite their differences

    • ● steps on his own tail sometimes
    • ● will let you borrow his books, will also keep at least one eye on you to make sure you don't mess it up
    • ● can move the eye on his forehead independently of his other eyes
    • ● has spent a lot of time in the hoosegow
    • ● specializes in elemental magic
    • ● wishes his sister would stop screaming

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