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Basic Info

Drawing notes

The necklace is optional. The shirt (underneath the obsidian jacket) is just a basic red shirt with a flame design from the waist to her stomach.



  • Cinna Metaraski

  • Age 100 technically, actually 17
  • Gender Female
  • Race Hexlan
  • Role Fire Sprite
  • Alignment Chaotic Good (I guess)

"I really should work in a kitchen, huh? Nah, that sounds boring."

Cinna, Embodiment of Fire. [According to Starhopper lingo, it's Fire Sprite, but whatever.] She is actually one of the younger Sprites. She's gotten into a lot of trouble from her curiosity. From being attacked by a giant robot (made by another Sprite) to getting frozen in the North Pole. She's spent a while honing her fire powers, and is actually rather good at cooking with them.

Fun Facts

  • Cinna is always, at the very least, warm. Unless it is raining. - modified headcanon from Mercenary_Ike
  • Cinna has a wider wardrobe than most of my characters, she just wears the outfit in her ref if she wants to be recognized.
  • Cinna, like all Sprites, has an Elemental Form that can theoretically be transferred to and from at will. Cinna is not very good at doing this though. Elemental Form is more powerful, but more fragile than her basic form.


DoB: April 22nd
Origin: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Build: curvy
Demeanor: curious
  • Cooking
  • Mechanical things [they're interesting]
  • Dragons
  • Rain
  • Being used as a heat source
  • Swimming




She was created accidentally by Lumani on a camping trip. And before you say "girl created from fire by god is weird," Greek mythology has gods being created from headaches, so...yeah. She quickly entered a rivalry with the Ice Sprite, Yako. This was greeted with facepalms from most of the other Sprites, who didn't do anything because there is no way to stop an embodiment of fire and an embodiment of ice from fighting, this isn't Gary Stu Incarnate's universe. This culminated into Yako freezing Cinna into the Renadian ice cap, "never to be seen again..." until an Ichidenne exploration team found her a couple years ago. Probably should've picked an asteroid or something, Yako.

Story [Created with CorteDelArtista]

Very recently, she was captured by a bounty hunter, Garrett. She was brought with him to his city, Porioma, where "embodiments" are used to do menial labor. Cinna was forced to work furnaces. That is, until she found out that Garrett was an "embodiment" himself - and the resulting uproar allowed both of them to escape.


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