Lilah Graves(Wip!)'s Comments

I'll drop this here, because she is such a cutie! I wouldn't change her personality much, as I've never had a self absorbed character and they would be fun to write about! For this character I would create a very loving family, her mother would be Bailey Graves, and deceased. Her father would be Liam Graves, and her sister would be Persephone Graves. The  three would live in a small town, her dad would have a small house and just make ends meet with his job. Lilah would be an apprentice photographer. She would sell her photos to help her dad pay for food, and extra things. In her story, she would fall in love with a gender fluid girl named Marley. Marley would help Lilah come away from being self obsorbed, and eventually they would start dating. Persephone and Lilah have an incredible relationship, because Lilah knows that even though she comes first, her family comes before that. Lilah would go on to become a professional photographer, and she would adopt a child with Marley,(Unk name).

Hope this is good enough!

Yesss we love it 🤔🤔☺️

Fucking fantastic you funky lil person

AAA, Tysm!! I'll definitely take care of her, again Tysm!!