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Malka's father 

Zekiel is an enchanter- with the ability to enhance other creature's abilities and powers. He cannot turn this enchantment off, and it's created a lot of problems for him in the past. - how can you hope to win a battle, if your very presence strengthens the foes you aim to defeat? 

This all changes when Zekiel meets Hannie, a fellow enchantress, while wandering the landscapes of Hell. 

With Hannie by his side, she is able to make anyone they come into contact with- basically bow at her feet. Fighting eventually became a thing of the past for Zekiel and Hannie. Before meeting, Hannie's enchantment abilities were not very strong on her own (the ability to make others fall in love with her- or at least, care about her well being in some way shape or form). With Zekiel, however, her enchantment is enhanced tenfold! She finds herself stronger than ever with him. 

The two are inseparable ever since their first meeting. Bonds like these are considered 'compatible' with one another, and though Zekiel is essentially enchanted by Hannie, Hannie in turn is also enchanted by Zekiel. 

With her newly enhanced enchantment power, thanks to him- Zekiel falls head over heels in love with her. - much to her delight (he's a tall, dark and handsome knock out ;) )

After many years of traveling together through Hell, Hannie comes into possession of a Portal stone. A powerful object that links with another of the same design, in another realm- opening up a gateway to walk through and leave Hell behind. The opportunity is a no brainer for Hannie, and she jumps at the chance to use it to get away from the literal Hell they lived in- to enter the realm of Life and start new. Zekiel, however, was not interested in leaving Hell- knowing that by doing so they will be deemed traitors of 'the crowns' and the four firelords will destroy them when they return to Hell after their escape. Because they would return.

everyone returns... 

Zekiel is afraid of the consequences, but with Hannie's enchantment guiding his thoughts, he agrees to leave Hell with her- if only because it will make her happy. Hannie feels guilt forcing him to make this decision, but she felt it too important an occasion not to get what she wants.

Upon entry into the realm of life, they come to realize they can CREATE life, and thus, Malka is born.


Zekiel originally has a loud temper. He's honestly always yelling. He's just mad all the time because of the annoying situations he finds himself in. However, with Hannie, he followed her around like a lost puppy, barely raising his voice or opposing opinions with hers. He just wanted her to be happy, after all. HE LOVED HER SO MUCH.

It is with great sadness that only eighteen years after they escaped Hell together, Hannie meets her end- saving a young Malka from the trouble he'd found himself in. 

After her untimely demise, Zekiel's real personality shows through, as her enchantment spell works on him no longer. Though he comes to quickly realize he does not dislike or hold ill will against her. There was a mutual understanding between Zekiel and Hannie- they both had enchantment abilities that greatly affected the other, so it was no wonder they stuck to each other like glue. 

After his beloved's death, Zekiel felt like a piece of his soul had crumbled away, knowing that she had returned to Hell and was now being destroyed from existence (the permanent, death after death), and he raged- blaming Malka for her doom (which was rightly deserved in his eyes, as it was because of the boy's incompetent actions that lead to her death). Zekiel has no qualms blaming his son for losing her like they did. In turn, this affects Malka deeply, on far deeper scales than either of them realize at the time, and he denies it every time it's brought up, which only leads to Zekiel raging at him, and Malka raging back.

Zekiel's pissed off at least 98% of the time. He's not super violent unless he needs to be, but he has been known to swat Malka or beat the shit out of him when he's being a spoiled little ass. Malka's not used to such behavior because he's always been pampered by Hannie, and Zekiel's sudden switch in personality after her death surprises him, as Zekiel's temper was always well under control when she was around with her enchantments. It's unfortunate for Malka that his enchantment ability does not work on his Father, and he grows sour over never getting what he wants when Zekiel is around.

Deep down Zekiel really cares about Malka and wants him to survive, but absolutely loathes how weak and pathetic and needy the boy became, due to his mother's lovey dovey upbringing. He blames himself for not fighting Hannie harder on the subject of NOT SPOILING OUR CHILD, and low key takes some credit for Malka's 'design'... though to be fair, Zekiel was under Hannie's enchantment for a good portion of Malka's upbringing, and in doing so, would go along with whatever she said just to please her. He reminds himself of this from time to time and it just makes him angrier. 

After Hannie's death, Zekiel is able to teach Malka the lessons he wanted him to learn all these years- to toughen the boy up so he doesn't get tossed around for the rest of his sorry existence, but he's worried it's far too late to teach him successfully. Malka fights him with every command, and he has a headache 24/7. Zekiel's biggest fear is not so much Malka's death, as it is, Malka's powerful abilities being used at the pleasure of others. He doesn't want his son to be a tool. 

His anger and constant attempt at bettering Malka, only pushes the child away further, eventually leading to Malka running away from home. Zekiel looks for him for years, never truly giving up hope that he was still alive- but also not expecting much either. He could not have known that Malka was imprisoned by Hunters for misdeeds in a far off kingdom. Zekiel could only hope that wherever Malka was, he wasn't being used against his will. An ironic thought, given what Hannie's enchantments had done to Zekiel, and Malka's own enchantments does to others. 

After many years of Malka's disappearance, they are reunited, Malka having called out to him for help, moments before the tip of a spear sought to strike him down once and for all. Zekiel puts an end to this, and seeks to kill the one responsible for his son's endangerment, coming face to face with Sigma, who had only recently recovered himself from Malka's enchantments. Malka begs him to spare Sigma's life, claiming he wants the human alive, to keep and torment as he's rightfully owed. Zekiel is surprised by this- seeing his son in a new light, realizing that perhaps these years away from him, had strengthened Malka in a way- perhaps making him more bloodthirsty, but with that, a strength to protect himself. He finds himself lowkey proud of his son, and agrees to spare Sigma's life. 

It's around this time that Zekiel learns of the enormous and powerful Horde that hunts Malka, seeking out his power for it's own gain, with Zekiel's fears for his son's future finally realized.

Zekiel fights the leader of this Horde (Char), though Zekiel is a Hellspawn demon, just as Char is, Char's powers are far greater than his own, and Zekiel is placed in a tough situation- between saving his own skin and abandoning Malka to Char's horde, or giving up his life to save the spoiled little brat, whom he regrettably loves so much.

There's always a third option...

Before a deal is struck, Zekiel comes to recognize Char from Hell, having known him to be 'Syvern', (Garanzo's favourite Servant), and Zekiel threatens the horde leader with this knowledge, stating that if he doesn't leave him and Malka alone, he will alert Char's old master of his whereabouts, blowing his cover in this realm and the next. 

Char does not take this news lightly, and with wary contemplation, falls back for the time being; both parties knowing it will not be the last time they will meet, but at the very least Malka is safe for now...

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