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Name Leviticus
Age 5173 years
Height 6'1''/7'2''
Build Ottermode/Heavy Built
Species Demon/two forms
Gender Male
Orient. Pansexual
Taken? Jaime
Creator Hyperion
Worth NFS

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  • Eyes are brown in both human and in demon form; often described as the color of milk chocolate
  • His hair is black, not dark dark brown. Black
  • Hair falls just below his shoulders
  • Levi was originally of Egyptian decent and keeps most of his normal appearance from that time period the same in his human form. Meaning he is not white. He is a very golden tan
  • In his demon form his horns, wings, tail, feet(to about mid calf), and hands(extending into the forearm) all gradient into a darker color
  • Levi has more of a heavy build similar to that of a body builder in his demon form. His human form he has closer to that of a swimmer
  • His left horn is broken away
  • He does tend to look tired most of the time due to some restless nights

"Jesus was a dick."


ROleplay highlights

  • WIP

  • Lost his left horn to a fight with his "brother" Dracon.
  • He has a weird fascination for human politics. He thinks they are funny
  • Would definitely kill for his boyfriend, Jamie, without a thought.
  • Levi just wants to do his job and not have to worry about things. He likes his simply life.
  • He's been through a lot but he tries not to let it bother him. He has a nasty habit of bottling things that bother him up and pretending that it never happened.


  • Soft Jazz; he finds it relaxing and nice to listen to
  • Reading
  • Baths; nothing like a warm bath to ease sore muscles when some evil spirit has beaten the shit out of you
  • Sushi
  • Animals; even though there are some animals that don't like him because they can tell what he is
  • Flying

  • Bananas; he doesn't like the texture
  • Super Religious Types; they get on his nerves. Especially when they hide behind their religion to justify their own wrong doings
  • Talking about his past; he would prefer that it stays that way
  • Dracon; his "older brother" is a bit of a dick any likes to fuck with Levi where he can

Jamison Langley  Boyfriend

Levi is rarely the type to fall head over heels for someone quickly but with Jamie it was different. Sure he could feel lust for someone within a few minutes of meeting them but with Jamie he definitely fell for the other very quickly. They learned after a while together that they were actually soul mates.

Dracon "adopted brother"

In hell Leviticus was "adopted" by two demons that already had a child of their own. Dracon was a born demon rather than a human made one like Levi and the two of them didn't exactly get along. Dracon liked to take away things that Leviticus had for his own because he tended to get way too jealous if it seemed that Levi was finally happy. Mostly because Dracon wanted to feel that happiness himself.

Name relationship

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