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4 years, 4 days ago


Whiona's Design Wishlist

First off, if you're participating in some sort of character trade or design game with me, thank you so much in advance!! You're wonderful!

A couple of notes to start off:

  • I'm only interested in humanoids — I don't have any use for furry, feral, or pony characters. (Kemonomimis are fine.)
  • I'm not picky about gender, so feel free to design or offer whatever you please.
  • I'd strongly prefer adult characters as I don't really write about children. (Chibi style is fine so long as they're not clearly a kid.)

Favourite Designers

Things I Like

Personal aesthetics

I love outer space symbols/patterns and the colours purple, pink, blue, and aqua. Have a look through my aesthetic collection on Deviantart or tag on Tumblr to get a sense of what I like. (You can honestly never go wrong with lavender and stars, lol.)

Fantasy and magical elements

If they look like they belong in a JRPG, I'll probably adore the design! It's not that I don't like modern characters, but I tend to strongly prefer something with a fantasy or magical touch.

Victorian and lolita fashion

Poofy skirts? Lace and bows? Smart waistcoats? Yes, yes, and yes! If the design isn't strictly fantasy, then historical or J-fashion is the next best thing.


I like my characters to represent a wide variety of communities, so variation in terms of skin tone, ability, body shape, and more are always welcome!

Elves and demons

If you want to do a character who isn't human, I really like these fantasy beings.


I'm 5 years old and I never grew out of my princess phase!!!

Magical girls and witches

I'm always looking for cute girls who wield magic <3

Flower imagery

Speaks for itself! I love characters that feature roses, lilies, hydrangeas...any beautiful flowers.

Things to Avoid

Medical and dental themes

Please do not design or trade me anything like this! This includes doctor/nurse outfits, menhera, needles, tooth imagery, etc. Fantasy-style healers are A-OK! Ignoring my wishes with this may result in a block and I will delete the character trade.

Existing franchises (except Pokemon)

I have no interest in fan characters designed for existing properties, such as Hogwarts students or fantrolls. The exception to this rule is Pokemon, because gijinka and trainer designs are adorable. If you wanted to design or trade me a gijinka, feel free to message me to ask about my favourite 'mons!

Highly varied colour schemes

I am pretty picky about colour and I don't tend to click with designs that have random colours all over the place. I tend to prefer palettes that keep the main hues and accents cohesive. I'm not really into rainbow designs, either.

Horror and gore

It's fine if the character is a little creepy, but please no body horror or entrails falling out. Guro ain't my jam.

Very manly men

Obviously not all my male characters have to be feminine, but I ask that you don't go overboard with the testosterone. I'm not personally into the lumberjack look, and I'm not good at drawing it either!

Fully NSFW designs

Ie., walking around naked. Revealing or suggestive designs are fine, but I'd like all the important bits to be covered. ;)