Ginger the Cat (Lex)



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Name: Lex Bridget Wright

Nicknames: Scars, The Copycat Killer, 

Gender: female

Voice Claim:…


- Hair color and style – strawberry blond, short and keep in a ponytail

- Skin Color - Pale

- Eye Color - Green

- Height – 5’ 11”

- Usual Outfit – grey t-shirt, with a jean jacket and Freddy’s patch on the left shoulder, mom jeans and purple converse shoes

- Uniform Outfit - 

- technician – Black polo shirt and khakis pants with a name tag, keys for the back room and ID.

-Security guard- Blue button-down shirt with Freddy’s badge and patches on the shoulders. Black tie, black pants, and shoes. Along with a belt that has radio and gun on it.

Race/Nationality: American

Birthdate: April 25

Personality: Stubborn, Brave, Hardworking, Loyal, Witty, Blunt, passive-aggressive, Kind, Logical, Caring, protective

Hobbies: Fixing up old or broken elections 

Likes: Sleep, Her job, completing projects, helping others, Making kids smile, Making sure others are safe

Hates: being told that she is not allowed to do her job, working the night shift because she usually works from dawn to dusk, breaking a promise,  

Favorite Color: Purple

Occupation in the Pizzeria: Suit Technician and Security Guard

Reason to apply for job: She needs some extra money but ended up loving her job

Was He/She was terminated from the job?: No, She was a great worker and was willing to fill in on the night shift when they would look for new guards. So when she went missing it was a huge loss for the company. 

What or which Pizzeria he/she worked at(Ex: Fredbear's Family Diner): She works mainly at the Fnaf 1 but will be called into other locations if she needs. 


Mom (Mary Wright): She was a great mother and cared for both of her draughts. It really hurt her when she foul dot her oldest daughter died, so 

Dad (Mason Wright): His Best friend Henry Emily they when to the same college together, 

Older sister (Jen Wright): she used to work at Freddy’s as a waitress before she died. 


Afton: Afton Mentors Lex a lot of the time when it comes to robotics. She sees him as like a father figure and looks up to. They both pull a lot of late night working together. When Lex got the springs in Ginger suit released on her Afton helped her escape. Henry really doesn’t like Lex working with Afton so much, he believes that he is using her as a scapegoat for the things he had done. 

Scott(phone guy): They are pretty close friends they are kind of opposites. They both bond over their love of their job. Lex meet Scott when she first started working as a night guard he had been working for a week when she first joined and showed her how to work the night shift as he was the only person who would. Lex lets Scott Help her out when is working on Foxy as much as she hates working with that animatronic she finds Scotts presents to help her not get angry when working on Foxy.

Love Interest(s): None!!! Her work is what she loves.

Most favorite Animatronics: Freddy she just finds something comforting about the bear.

Least favorite Animatronics: Foxy He is contently in for reapers so it bugs Lex that she always has to fix

Relations with other Security Guards: She doesn’t hate them but she doesn’t like. She will butt heads with them as she is worked there a lot longer than some of them. But she is close to some of them like Scott and Mike, she finds it easier to talk to them and work with them. 


Lex Wright the second daughter of Mary Wright and Mason Wright. Lex had an older sister named Jen, they where very close, Jen was a lot older than Lex. Her older sister for the longest timed worked at Fred Bear's Family Diner as a waitress, for the longest time. Jen was known for bringing in Lex to the diner; Lex would always seem to find her in trouble wither it be from getting her hand stuck in a claw machine to her following Herny around asking them questions about the animatronics. While working at Fred Bear’s, Jen lost her close friend to a spring lock malfunction. She also blames her self for not being able to her friend to die; she would later lose another friend to the spring lock suit, while she tried to save them. Those events along with guilty of not helping them led Jen to quit her job and move out of state and dropping all family connections. This took a toll on the whole family the family kind of became disconnected. leading her parents to split and forcing Lex to live her Aunt. Lex found it harder to make friends; she kind of became a little bit more stubborn and nervous. Lex would start to try to build small robots or mess with electronics. In high school, Lex began to look for a job when she saw that Freddy's Pizzeria had a job opening as a night guard, so she took it as ti was about the end of her senior year. Lex meet Scott; he trained her on how to a security guard. She word as a security guard for about three months, until Henry heard that lex was working form him, so he offers a chance to do technician work. Lex took that offer faster than you could say me, but she still helped out as a security guard.

Afton started to mentor Lex, they became super close, and she learned a lot under him. Lex looked up to Afton. This did not sit well with Scott and Henry. After Henry passing, Lex came into possession of all of his old projects. She found the guide to a Spring lock suit. So she pressed it the idea to moment, and they loved the idea of seeing that it might bring more money in. It was such a hi they ask Afton if her could create on so he brought in the golden bonnie suit. Three years of use Lex never had an issue with it. One day when she was out of the floor interacting with the kids. Two young boys came up and started pulling and making fun of Ginger as Lex was in her, this set of the spring locks. Afton seeing what happened ran over to where she was and guild Lex to the safe room, where he was able to free in before the bolts killed her. After some time of recovery Lex was left with nasty scarring and limp. Lex did come back to Freddy's as she loved her job and didn't feel like work to her.  Lex had changed most of her shift to work when no one sees her as she felt ashamed of herself. Some of the co-workers gave her the nickname Scares. Lex started to become more bitter about this and angry to everything except the people she cared for. Scott helped Lex to grow a little less bitter about things and basically was her support group.

One day Lex when into work it was around mid-day. She had gone into the parts and service room, to fix the camera she had broke earlier that week. Something had hit her in the back of the head leaving her unconscious. When she woke up, Lex found her self-laying on the floor of the safe room with Ginger's on and a bloody knife in her. The mangled corpses of five kids stuffed in suits lay before her. Screaming and crying Afton cam running to the room to see what had happened, he unfazed by Lex's current state, but Lex had no clue the man comforting her was the same man how had just framed her for the gruesome act that she believed that she had just committed. He told her that no one would find out and that her secret was safe with him. Lex honestly started to think that she was one who kids and she was nothing more than the monster people said she was. So She began to turn her back on everyone and only stand by Afton. He had her where she wanted her as someone who would do his bidding form him and cover his back no matter what.

Much later Lex realized that it was not her who had killed the kids but Afton. She found this was not his first time doing something like this, so one night she went to confront him.  The fought tooth and nail, he got the upper hand stabbing Lex in he to drag her to where the ginger suit was. He put her suit setting of spring locks killing her. There was a missing report sent out for Lex, but she was never found; now she walks the halls of Freddy's angry and vengeful.

Rumors and Lore(If he/she has one): 

  • She killed kids
  • Scott and Lex are dating 


  • Lex is done with everyone
  • She believes Afton life is only hers to take
  • Her ghost self is bitter as fucking hell
  • plays men hockey and does boxing, just because of her size and strength. 
  • Genital giant
  • Has separation anxiety