.♡ Zale ♡.



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Basic Info

name origin

Zale; Greek, meaning 'sea strength'




he/him (they/them)




June 30th; Cancer ♋



spirit animal



1,82 m / 5′9


~75 kg / 165 lbs


Confident and proud, Zale always speaks his mind and shares his opinion on things, if need be; while he's not one to shove his opinion down other people's throats ("sometimes it's better to just shut up and not make things worse by saying the potentially wrong thing"), he doesn't hold back when asked, either. He's got a temper and is easily enraged, especially when he sees injustice of any kind - he is a peace-loving guy, after all.
He also tends to start crying when dealing with strong emotions, even though he'd rather not show this kind of weakness in front of others.

While he likes to wear clothing and accessories that others might consider pretty and feminine, he absolutely identifies as male to the core; he just doesn't give a rat's butt about gender roles and stereotypes - Zale wears what he wants and likes, it's as simple as that. He doesn't shy away from wearing heels or applying guyliner and nail polish, either.
Above all, however, he likes to be comfortable. Lots of his clothes are large and wide - he has quite a few close-fitting clothes, especially pants, that highlight his features too - with layering being a go-to look. Just because he wants to look good doesn't mean he can't be comfy, right?

When it comes to love and sexuality, Zale identifies as pansexual. He is attracted to a person as a whole, instead of fixating on only specific features, but requires a strong partner one way or another: someone to keep a level head and support him in difficult and emotional situations; someone who doesn't look down on him or quickly writes him off - someone just like Del.
With him looking the way he does, people tend to peg him as gay. Usually, he just doesn't bother to correct them on it, either, as they're not necessarily wrong, heh? In case he does enlighten them, though, people often enough are shocked, as in didn't expect, to hear that he indeed also likes women. And that kind of reaction just has gotten old pretty fast, so he mostly lets them believe whatever.

All in all though, Zale is (with a few exceptions) a rather chill and open guy. He probably won't share his life story unless being asked, but if you do he won't sugarcoat or skip important details either. Just ask, and he'll probably tell.

[...] WIP! 

► swimming/diving with sharks
► raw fruit
► rain, thunderstorms, gloomy weather
► nature, especially the ocean
► peace and quiet
► asymmetry
► horror movies

► bugs
► licorice
► temperatures above 25 °C / 77 °F
► big cities
► loud people
► overly bright colors, especially yellow
► conflict

► pinterest pins
► he's pretty and he knows it
► borderline androgyne
► piercings, tattoos & jewelry
► braided hair ♡
► black coffee
► trims Del's undercut and beard for him

► floor-length teal hair
⇀ gradient; light teal roots → white tips
⇀⇀ colors based on underwater/surface view
⇀⇀ gradient based on the fact that a shark's belly is lighter than the rest of its body
⇀ silky texture
⇀⇀ flowy just like water
► narrow, dark grey eyes
► pointy teeth (he bites!)
► pale, almost translucent looking skin
► lean but defined body (not bulky!)
⇀ swimming naturally helps him stay in shape
⇀ the shark fin on his back that is shown in a few artworks
    is a detachable fashion accessory and not part of his body!!
► tattoo
⇀ neck; five gill slits on each side
► piercings (visual reference)
⇀ right ear, two piercings; lobe (stretched), tragus
⇀ left ear, four piercings; lobe (stretched), anti tragus, snug, helix
⇀⇀ as for the lobes, he prefers tunnels over plugs but wears both