Michiko Sawamatsu




- Appearance -

Michiko Sawamatsu wears the school's sailor fuku uniform and a lemon coloured butterfly hairpin. Her skin is fair.

She has medium-length rose coloured hair and brass coloured eyes.

During her free time Michiko wears a rose coloured t-shirt, white trousers and red shoes.

Michiko's height and weight are average for girls her age.

- Personality -

Michiko Sawamatsu is a sociable girl who socializes with everyone, a somewhat bold girl who gossips others a lot. She uses her cutesy appearance just to hide that she is a gossipy girl. She also takes an interest in sociology so of course she knows how to nitpick others and picks up their weak points indirectly. She's also a realist, somewhat; she's independent and practical - she isn't the type of person to dream a lot, or daydream. She is well-aware of the surroundings around her, hence her cutesy appearance...

...however, she's somewhat trustworthy, but only towards whoever she wants to - Michiko is trusted by Ayami Kataoka to operate the Sewing Club when she is absent, that would also make her responsible. Plus, Michiko is ambitious, too - whenever someone won't gossip with her, she's like "ugh, I'm not gonna bother gossiping w/ this person. it's useless, anyways. time to move on".

Michiko will always lie, but in a somewhat subtle way, that of course, using her cute voice. 

- Backstory -

Michiko was born in the day of Halloween, in 2001. She was born at a hospital. 

She had a normal childhood, her parents being graffiti artists and some of her relatives being knitters. Over time, Michiko got into graffiti art, too, due to wanting to try what her parents do. Michiko sometimes did/does graffiti art out of pleasure. She got/gets a ton of requests of street art. 

One day when she was like, 12, her parents had financial problems, so in order to deal with their financial problems and stuff, they sent Michiko to her aunts, which by the way, LGBTQ+ was a very common thing since the two aunts were/are lesbian. Michiko had grown a small passion for knitting (a scale from 1-10, it was 3/10), due to her aunts and grew an acceptance towards the LGBTQ+ community, as her aunts told her you'd still be the same person, regardless of sexuality. They were also known for gossiping, so Michiko was used to it to the point where she started gossiping, too. She started "developing" two voices, by that I mean that she developed her cutesy voice, she didn't want other people know her true personality right away, she had/has to disguise it somehow. 

Since Ayami Kataoka's parents were family friends with Michiko's aunts, Ayami often visited the aunts, including Michiko. They both clicked with one other, and together they developed a passion in sewing - her passion on a scale from 1-10, it was at a 6/10). 

When she was 14, however, her parents have finally finished with their financial problems, and they brought Michiko back home. Additionally, Ayami showed her Kaobook, something Michiko didn't have, and they connected together more, since she wasn't going to spend as much time at her aunts as she did before. This resulted in her connecting with her future internet best friend, Venus Thompson. They both shared an interest in memes. Furthermore, in holidays, her parents always left her alone, and due to this, she had to be responsible and independant of herself. This has also developed her awareness of surroundings around her. Once when she was at school, she wanted to try to smoke, due to her parents' influence and her "friends"' influence. She smoked one cigarette and simply liked it. She started smoking more and more every day... when Michiko was alone at home one day, her parents found her package of cigarettes and were a little surprised, but didn't care too much afterwards. 

Upon her entrance at Akademi High School, Michiko joined the Sewing Club, along with this, her passion for sewing grew even more (the scale is/was from 8 to 10). At the second semester, she became the Vice President, due to her, again, responsible, ambitious and mature behaviour, and Ayami's bias, somewhat. Ayami wanted to try to smoke from Michiko, but Michiko was hesitant at first, but eventually gave her a cigarette. That's how they smoke together. She started studying sociology at the age of 15, second semester of her first year. She wanted to nitpick others' weaknesses and due to her liking sociology right from the start, she wanted to find out even more about it.

- Relationships -

Venus Thompson - Michiko's internet best friend. They decided to meet in real life one day and they started to be better friends, due to their common preferences, such as in violence and memes. 

Ayami Kataoka - Michiko and Ayami are best friends/family friends. Trusted by Ayami Kataoka to operate the Sewing Club when she is absent. They gossip and smoke together, Michiko influenced her to do these two things. There are rumors that say she gossips Ayami, too, despite being long-term friends - but only a fool would believe something like this. Michiko is baffled on how Ayami can be in love with Hisashi.

Gesaku Nakano - Michiko and Gesaku share similar interests, such as in street art. They are friends due to that. 

Hisashi Okamura - Michiko considers him a failure, due to him making himself look ridiculous with the Martial Arts Club members. She gossips about him - she says that Hisashi is deeply in love with Budo Masuta and Ayami is just a tool for him. Michiko told him countless times, through others, that he should stop being a fake towards the MA Club Members.

- Topics -

LikesMusic. Martial Arts. Violence. Gossip. Memes. Friends. Family.
NeutralTheatre. Art. Photography. Science. Sports. School. Justice. Video Games. Anime. Cats. Reading. Nature. Money.
DislikesCooking. Occult. Gardening. Solitude.

- Trivia -

  • Michiko Sawamatsu is incapable of self-defense. She can not participate in physical fights.
  • She is into music, and creates memes from time to time.
  • She considers cooking and gardening to be a waste of time and she considers occult to be something dumbasses would do.
  • Michiko DOES smoke. Her family is full of smokers.
  • Her personality is based after her Yandere Simulator persona, which is Social Evil. 
  • She likes to sew in her free time. 
  • Her health is very resistant.