Fukitsu Li



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Fukitsu Li 

18 / male / demon / class 3-A


BAD INFLUENCE - exudes an aura that, if within his range, lowers people's inhibitions and influences them to make bad decisions; is extremely seductive in appearance towards non-demons 

"blood lust is just, like, horny murder man---"

-- jjeong 2k19

-- demon of lust & temptation
– extremely beautiful / seductive in appearance – low strength, relies on magic, blood lust enhances strength and speed, however lowers wits

-- high endurance to pain

-- reallyyyyy flexible and quick
– curvy horns and tails with a lot of movement possibilities

  • needy, easily susceptible to blood lust, attention seeking, playful and mischievous, charismatic
  • doesn't particularly want to be a hero nor acts like it, but doesn't want to be a villain. more of an anti-hero than anything 
  • has a thing for Dabi sjsksj
  • yes, he is legal 
  • immortal, but has only lived for 18 years so far 
  • loves wearing lingerie 
  • small, feminine build 
  • bitch jump like 324456 ft in the air idk this bitch is a fuckin acrobat sjskjs
  • worked part time in an Akihabara maid cafe and is their 'poster-girl'