1 year, 11 months ago


An angel unwillingly pulled into politics who will work himself to "death" if no one tells him to take a break. 

Regularly works himself to exhaustion because he can't force himself to stop once he starts a task. 

Formerly an angel of fine art. Has all but given up on making art since he doesn't have the time anymore. 

Especially fond of mosaics 

Still has half of his right wing. Never has it out since he stress pulls feathers.

He is very stressed.

You can tell that Ophiel has recently visited his boyfriend because there will be flowers braided into his hair. 

Keeps his romantic relationship lowkey so others will leave the man alone. 

He also owns so much jewelry he has no idea what to do with it. People give it to him to show respect and he sometimes he buys it for himself, but now he has too much. Will try to tactfully pawn some of it off on others.