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Basic Info

Drawing notes (both forms)

Her slime has a transparency of 15% (i.e. alpha 85%), except for the orb in her chest, which is colored the same yellow as the stars on her scarf, it's just inside her dark orange slime.


Normally in her blob form she's roughly the size of a bean bag chair, but this can vary based on what she's eaten and other factors.


[ W I P ] - I just copied Boo's for now because laziness.

  • Calabaza

  • Age 11
  • Gender Genderless, goes by feminine pronouns
  • Race Slimemimi fox
  • Role "I can haz friendz?"
  • Alignment "...what?"

"What's that I see?" *Sees someone drinking a pumpkin spice smoothie or something* "You sicko!"

Calabaza! As the name implies, she's a pumpkin slime. Unlike my other two slimegirls, though, this one's a fox! Well, she takes the form of one anyway. She also does not have an antenna-like thing on her head, and an orb in her chest. This is because she was created by magic! But that'll be brought up in her history.

Trivia/Possibly Accepted Headcanons

  • She can assume forms that do not have the fox ears and tail, but they're harder for her to keep, and she can only hold the form for a few hours, then has to go to her blob form for some time.
  • She does answer to the nickname Callie, but she didn't make it up, Fresa did.


DoB: September 1st
Origin: Unknown
Height: 4'9" in her normal form
Build:ehh...kinda chib?
Demeanor: innocent
Theme: unknown
  • water
  • halloween
  • milk
  • melons
  • sleeping
  • thanksgiving




Calabaza was created by magic - an orb, some milk, a slice of pumpkin pie, some other stuff. In other words, a witch had fun for a day. (Probably Witch!Alice because idk.) Well, she was expecting to create a Halloween potion, but she accidentally dropped an orb in there halfway through the creation, and it turned into slime. The slime reformed into a small fox-like creature, which the witch named Calabaza, after her most prominent ingredient - pumpkin - and then she was released, because I mean, she did look mostly like just a regular fox, so why not?


But Calabaza did not have fun in this environment. She was always running from animals like cats, 'cuz she didn't want to get torn apart by them. Like she needed to worry, she's basically invincible unless her orb is attacked. But she didn't know that at the time, until she met someone that seemed awfully similar to herself. It was Fresa, who thought the poor fox-like creature was just so cute that she had to take it home. And she did - much to Coal's annoyance. It was due to Fresa that Calabaza decided to change her usual form into a fox kemonomimi, because she wanted to. (Fresa thought it was extra cool. Coal was appalled.)


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