Justine Markus



2 years, 1 month ago

Basic Info

Name Proper

Justine Abi Markus

Race class

Monster - Chimeric Nertherborn


Star Denizen


Knight - Holy Weapons


Avalon - Irhoma


Whennews of a pumpkin girl began to spread around the barracks, the prospective newGarrison recruit was something of a meme even before the lot of us laid eyes onher bright orange hair. Nobody had ever seen anything like it, and to date, never still. Incredibly divergent physical features were seldom found in normankind, posing many to try and guess what sort of animaloid she was. To our amazement, she was wholly Norman. You can thanks the perpetrators of the repeated harassment reports filed on her behalf for the detailed confirmation. Remarkably, she was one of the boys, adapting well to the competitive and familial culture surrounding life within the walls of the Nether Gate. Since we were a relatively new department of the Holy Inquisition established only one year before the gate's completion, the responsibilities and leniencies afforded by the Archbishop's pet project were incredibly laxed. I feel this is what caused the events which followed. Nobody saw Justine as a traitor, even after violating perhaps only written rule: Never enter the gate. A misguided fool, sure, but all the more glad we were to learn of her safe return. Still, while many feel she did what needed to be done, none of us were entirely thrilled to be officially dissolved and scattered across the known during the dissolution of the Inquisition.

Psychological Profile:

Awide-eyed free spirit. Justine goes where her heart beckons, throwing herself into a world of demons and monstrosities only to leave with friends and family. Such a narrow minded girl would seem to otherwise be crass, but Justine maintains a bubbly composure and iron will when it comes to her passions. She has many passions. Even in her later years, Justine continues to shine with rosy cheeks and a smile. Still considered to be a bit immature, she strives to raise her twin sons with the best of intentions, teaching them the importance of realizing their full potential for the betterment of the world at large. She emboldens them, encouraging their desires and offering her wisdom in their times of need. She does this, for their namesake carries immeasurable suffering committed under the legion of the former church. She would not see her sons laid low in repentance for the sins of their ancestors. Instead, she insists on being the change they hope to see in the world, not as an apology, but as their duty to their brothers and sisters of the known.

Physical Profile:

Unremarkably average in stature, Justine is an oddity amongst her peers as her bright orange hair and striking emerald eyes were far from the raven black of her later discovered mother, Esther. It was only later revealed that these attributes were from her Father, Andrius, once a man turned demon long since divorced. Her time with her father, braving the elements of the Nether, and her prerequisite Inquisition training had toned the woman in her youth, and while today she has never left her prime thanks to her mother's chimerical genetics, Justine focuses more on living a comfortable life. Don't mistaken that for flabby underarms, this former Knight can still rock your socks off.

Typically seen in a standard faux church gown, Justine's bright, pale skin has refused every hour of sunlight Justine had committed herself to. Years of botany has done very little to crispen her complexion, instead choosing to embrace her glow with light fabrics and jewelry; Seth had given her the pet name,"little treasure".