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Hello there! Thank you for visiting my page or one of my characters. A few rules before you see my characters.....


I am very protective over my babes and will fight to the death if I see them being stolen or ripped off intentionally.

As for trading..... Check the tags!

Never Trade- Do NOT offer on these guys. I will NEVER trade them, unless for very rare and specific circumstances.

Love- I will probably not trade them. So don't really offer.

Like- I may not trade them. You can offer, but I will probably say no.

Willing to Trade- The most likely to trade (obviously). You can offer, but I will still be picky on the offers for them.

NSFW- These characters have some sort of NSFW art or concept, so please be careful!

This isn't my trade account. If you want to see the characters of mine up to trade, check out BunBan

If you need to contact me, message me here or on my Crystalomic dA account.

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