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religious fanatic. as old as dirt despite only looking 19. was saved by a god when he was still technically alive. the god was a very weak and forgotten god with his name lost to time. chunen was the only person that ever left him offerings, after he'd heard about the god by word of mouth from a nearby village and felt drawn to him. he unknowingly saved the god from dying by giving him attention. when chunen was attacked during an altercation with a neighboring village, the god couldnt bare to see him die and accidentally made him immortal. whoops.

after making him immortal, the god spent a lot of time with him to the point of the two becoming very close friends. however, the god began to eventually feel incredibly selfish and guilty for making the boy immortal and taking away any opportunity for an afterlife that he could hope for. he distanced himself from the boy, and ceased all communication. 

chunen still believes that the god is watching over him and talks about him all the time. he preaches about him to anyone that will listen to the point where its just annoying. will not ever shut the fuck up. also leaves him offerings every day. he believes that he was the chosen one to be the next great prophet. prone to being drawn into cults. he believes that every new religion that pops up must be his god finally being discovered because hes just so great. its an easy mistake since he never learned the gods name. hes had a lot of awkward encounters with the wrong god.

eyes are glass. its a long story. they can be any color but red is the default. he says he cant see but its questionable because he always seems to be able to look people dead in the eye. has a pet snake that's actually another god, darue, that watches over him..kinda. hes a lazy god thats thrilled to just be kept as a pet. 

enjoys leaving offerings and prayers to old, forgotten gods as a dedication to Him.