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Full Cowl

Hello! This is _featherweather here with another small bit of code!

I've been trying to figure out how to overlay text onto an image for a while now so I'm glad to have finally figured it out.

The image used will stretch to fit the size set in the first class (I default the width to 100% of the screen but it's up to you!)
100% works well on my phone, but it's kinda stretched on my PC

Speaking of mobile, the scroll no longer breaks now that i realize that i was accidentally setting the width instead of the height fml

(PROTIP: height and width are two very different constraints, please don't confuse the two if you try to code)

So~ some testing has been done - the text color defaults to the color of the viewer's layout which is VERY BAD for coders.

(please, please change the color so your text is readable on the image)
color is set to pink because I really like pink ´♡`
don't worry , the code linked above is in white!

WYSIWYG keeps janking the card img class.

if you do edit/install in WYSIWYG mode, please remember to make sure that the code reads:
img class tag ="card-img"
and that there is no size constraints added to it in that code.
TH keeps trying to make it the same size as the original image so it keeps making it awful.

(that is part of the reason why I left a commented out version of that line, in case you mess it up like i did rip)

This is a utility code so feel free to use it on any image that you'd like!