Basic Info


Karehime is a name she gave herself, real name is only known to her sister




Moth Yokai



Relationship Status



Sophisticated, sadistic, cruel and manipulative, but not completely heartless. Especially caring of her little sister and workers. The kind of character that always wears a knowing smile. You should prefer to have her as your ally, trust me. More of a watcher in a bigger play, but will interfere if own interests are on the line. Cheery and calm to the point it's scary and you know your ass is grass

Eye Color

Seafoam iris, whole eye lights up if a lamp is near and shining onto them. The sclera turns black during nighttime. Hexcode: #a3c1ad


long and white, a part is braided to a bow-like bun on the middle of her head with a moonshaped clip


pale ivory skin, hourglass


like cool smoke



Additional Features

delicate moth antennas sprouting from her forehead, moth wings which are usually hidden in the pattern of her clothes, fangs, fluffy neckfur (which is NOT part of herself but of her cloth to represent her moth nature)


A moth yokai, whose coocoon got tainted with blood while infused by moonlight. Owns a teahouse which is acutally a disguised opium den and brothel. She is an important information point for the underworld and black market. Smuggles wares and opium.


Revolves around the black market and underworld networks


Carnivorous. Prefers high quality meats and fish. Also feasts on blood. Some customers are never heard of again. Also has kind of a sweet tooth for mochi, if you want to keep your hands, dont touch her mochi stash.


Rather skilled swordswoman. The scales of her wings produce a dust which weakens the mind and can cause halluzinations. A bit of her dust is mixed into her pipe to numb the mind of conversation partners, making it easier to twist them to her needs. While her wings are seen, she moves faster.

Can control moths and likes to have them around her. The moths sitting on her head are actually real, they stay static most of the time but will move to intimidate "customers". Karehime uses them as spies. She can produce a limited amount of acidic silk.


If she gets upset she might lose composure and open her wings without noticing.Usually seen with a sleek cane. The cane is actually a disguised blade for her own and the protection of her workers. Since she can be seen smoking on a long pipe alot, making her smell of different spices and herbs. Attached to the pipe is a small lantern with bells, victims of her Hypnosis and mindgames describe they heard a ringing sound and then remember nothing after. Likes to bark for Yoen to get stuff done for her.

Likes to loaf around on a lounger with a lot of pillows. While talking to people, she will direclty look into her conversation partners eyes with a pierceful stare, making them feel uncomfortable. Also talks to her moths. Sometimes gets captivated by nice looking lamps and lights. Likes to decorate her private rooms with them.

Negative Traits

Power hungry and bossy, often works out of own benefit or for her own amusement. Needs to bath in the light of a full moon once in a while to keep herself in a healthy shape and "recharge" her silk production limit. Can get moody, sulk or lose her composure if she doesnt get what she wants. You would not want to be around her if she loses her temper. Pretty lights and lamps might distract her.



Musical Inspiration [1] & [2]