Karehime (Backstory)



Over a hundred years ago, in the lore rich soils of Japan, two cocoons were spun on a bush that decorated the courtyard of a manor of a Lord over a provice. The two cocoons were just ordinary, protecting little bugs as they transformed, and moved into their next stage of their life. Yet, before their cocoon's could break and the little moth's could spread their wings, tragedy struck. One night, when the Moon was full, the Lord and his family were slaughtered by their own charges.

In the wake of the slaughter both the cocoons were coated in the spilt blood- One drenched in the Family's blood, and other only splattered. In that sacred night, when the world was flush with magic, the two cocoons were blessed by the Gods, and instead of being lowly bugs... they transformed! Their coocoons grew to accomodate their new forms, for they became moth yokai... the God's had granted them humanoid forms and intelligance. The blood drenched cocoon hatched first, and thus Ahmya was first born. She was born of darkness, and her wings and appearance reflected that in her muted colors.

Yet, Ahyma was alone for the first years of her life. During that portion of time, Ahmya never strayed too far from her sister's cocoon, for she could sense the growth and life inside of it. Ahmya had even picked up the art of using a blade, just so she could protect her sister in the cocoon, and when her sister finally hatched, and graced the world with her presence. It was one day, in the fifth year, that Ahmya finally met her sister. At long last her little sister, Nemuri had hatched from her cocoon, and after that, the two were inseperable... for awhile at least.

For awhile, the two sister's lived together in peace, love and tranquility. Ahmya gave Nemuri protection and guidance, but over time, things began to change. She began to notice things about herself, that left her feeling rather different from her sister. She discovered the hallucinogenic and numbing properties of her wings, and the ability she had to spin silk. After finding out that demon moth silk fetched a pretty penny, Ahmya began to sell small quantities of her own raw silk. Eventually merchants began to take notice of Ahmya's silk and began to try to intimidate her into making more for them. It was in this distress she accidentally used her wing scales on a merchant, and witnessed the delirious tizzy they spiraled in. In this moment, she came to realize... she really liked her own abilities.

It was with the realizaton of what her powers were,  and the accidental use of them, that a dark seed began to blossom in her chest. Ahmya found her silk began to turn acidic to the point it would burn the skin with prolonged exposure. As Nemuri began to develope and come into her own abilities, healing and slumber enducing, Ahmya began to feel estranged to her sister. She had felt her sister was too pure in regards to her own abilities, and soon felt her sister would be better off without her. It was this feeling and her desire to carve her own path that ultimately lead Ahmya to leave her sister, strike off on her own, and to take up the name of Karehime.

This had devastated Nemuri, and forced her to learn how to defend herself, where she had been dependant on Karehime's guidance before. After years on her own, Nemuri finally found another soul to love, a young kitsune by the name of Taiga. For a period of time, they experianced happiness together, as many couples hope to feel. Tragically, this happiness came to an abrupt hault when Taiga comitted suicide from the weight of her own depression. This new loss was more than the moth could handle... and she turned to drugs to help cope.

Nemuri spent a good while in such a state, seeking an escape from the pain, a chance to be numb for awhile. Before long, dealer started turning her away, and she became quite desperate. She had somehow found her way to an Opium den, and mixed with Opium, and other drugs she had managed to scrounge up... she almost overdosed right on the floor of her sister's own opium den. She had been to strung out to even realize it was her sister whom she had begged for help... to kill the pain just for a little bit longer.

Fearing for her sister, Karehime had her right hand man, Yoen, Taiga's own brother, take care of and tend to her little sister. Pressed by Karehime, Yoen was able to convince Nemuri to detox and get herself clean. While Nemuri started the hard road of getting herself cleaned up, with Yoen always by her side, Karehime began to realize just how much her little sister needed her. She began to "make room" for her sister in her life, trying to make sure she got what she needed to be comfortable in her life... but her little sister surprised her yet again.

Inspired by Yoen, Nemuri took up traditional Japanese dancing, and revealed she was quite good at it. As she rose to fame after a short time, she began to rekindle her relationship with her big sister. Slowly putting the hurt of her abadonning her behind her, Nemuri saw the good her sister was doing. Even though it acted as a cover-up for the opium den she run, Karehime had started up a teahouse and had rescused girls from all sorts of situations. She had given them a safe place to work and live, and they gave her their undying loyalty in return. Even if Nemuri didn't agree with Karehime's drug trade... she admired her for her strength and kindness for other people who needed help.

With both sister's experiancing a comfortable life style, they grew close again, Nemuri often electing to meet whenever Karehime can spare her sometime. It's always time well spent bonding over tea, and their favorite mochi.

Yet this comfortable dynamic got upset... at least for Karehime, when someone new walked into her little sister's life. A new dragonness had somehow managed to steal Nemuri's heart, and swept her off her feet. At first Karehime was unaccepting, truly feeling Nemuri deserved someone better than this woman who was rather rough around the edges, but after time passed, she saw how happy she made Nemuri... not to mention how she'd protect her, and came to the conclusion she'd let things be as long as her sister stayed happy.

Thanks to my lovely Princess-of-Hades for bringing the sisters to life ♥