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Chime is a solitary bird who studies demons. She thinks they’re misunderstood.

Basic information 

Full name: Chime

Nickname: None

Birthday: October 30th 2002

Species: Kenku

Gender: Female

Height: 4 foot 5

Sexuality: Bisexual

Languages spoken: English


Likes: Bells, music, animals, magic

Dislikes: People, evil, jumping to conclusions


Chime doesn’t really like other people very much. She’s a shy and reclusive wizard who’d much rather hang out with animals. Despite this she has a good heart and wants to make the world a better place. Chime really loves the sound of bells. What’s not to like about them? They’re shiny and they sound pretty. It’s a win-win! While Chime is usually calm, she can only take so much. If you make her snap, you better run and hide


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: None

Physical illnesses: None

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: Crowds


Spell casting. Chime can use magic and cast some spells. She’s also very good at playing her instrument (the bell)


Strengths: Magic

Weaknesses: Shy, dislikes people

Weapons/tools: Staff, Crossbow, Dagger


Chime was born and raised in Astra City. At a very young age the Wizards of the city saw potential in her abilities, and put her into a magic training program as soon as possible. While Chime loved working with magic, she hated being surrounded by people all of the time. There are 12 Wizards, and she was always around at least four of them. She always felt a lot of pressure to learn more and do better.

The only reason Chime stayed in the program for so long is because of what her magic could do. Astra Cities wizards are what make life possible there. They enchant the soil to allow crops to grow, they enchant wood so it can burn, they even make the city darker at night so everyone can sleep better. She wanted to make the world a better place, and that seemed like the only way.

One day she saw something peculiar. It looked like a small animal running across the ground. Not an intelligent one like her, a feral one. But there isn’t any wildlife in Astra City! At least, not any wildlife that isn’t suspended in time. She wanted to investigate, so she snuck off to go looking for it.

The small creature ran straight into the Midnight Forest. Chime was always warned about the dangers of the Midnight Forest. The trees are so thick that it always looks like night inside. The darkness attracts demons. At first she didn’t want to follow the creature inside, but then she realised that it might get itself into trouble. If Astra City had any sort of wildlife, she didn’t to lose it to a demon!

Inside of the forest was as dark as everyone said. It was pretty hard to see. In order not to get lost, she cast a simple light spell. The spell made the area around her glow. Now she couldn’t get lost!

The creature kept going deeper and deeper into the forest. Eventually it made it all the way to the other side! The other side of the forest lead to the Farlands. As far as everybody knew, the Farlands were empty and lifeless. The only things that lived out there were ghosts and demons. Everything else was frozen in time. Suddenly, the creature she was following stopped and looked at her. That’s when Chime realised what it was.

It wasn’t an animal, it was a demon! The demon was small and rat like in appearance, with one big red eye for a face. Chime felt stupid for following it all the way out here. Of course it wasn’t an animal. Why would it be?

Still, the demon didn’t seem as dangerous and bloodthirsty as everybody described. It never tried to attack her, it just wandered around like any other real animal would do. But why? Demons are suppose to be scary and dangerous! Maybe they weren't as bad as everyone said? She wanted to learn more about them, so she walked back home.

The other wizards were furious when she returned. Everyone was worried sick! You can’t just wander into the Midnight Forest alone like that! Chime didn’t care though, she wanted to learn more about demons. After the wizards were done lecturing her, she walked over to the library.

Chime spent the next few months learning everything she could about demons. She learned the ranking system, how they attack, and how to attack them, but all of this information seemed off. All of it was on the dangers of demons, none of it was on their behaviour or mannerisms. Maybe if she could learn more about why they acted this way, she could help keep the city safer! This idea didn’t go down well with the wizards. Well, it didn’t go well with most of them. There was one who listened.

The wizard was number 8, Brett. He was known for being out of the ordinary, and doing things other wizards wouldn’t. He listened to Chime’s idea. Brett thought it was a good idea! Why fight demons if we don’t have to? A more in depth understanding of their behaviour could really help keep the city safe, if they actually listened.

After talking to Brett, Chime decided to give up on being a wizard and focus solely on demon research. She really thought this was the best way she could help the city. Plus, she wouldn't be bothered or crowded anymore.

Chime moved into a new house inside the Midnight Forest. That was the place demons were found most often after all. She setup everything she needed in order to do success research.

Now Chime lives her life in the forest. She still goes into the city to give updates on her project and buy things, but for the most part she lives alone. She really likes her new life in the forest! 

Artist notes



My friends forced me to make a DnD character so… Here she is. My goal was to make her as annoying as possible