2 years, 8 months ago


Fionnan is a Longear. About 20 years old.

Fionnan almost always stays in a semi-transformed state with transformed arms with claws and legs. At times, he will also transform a tail for balance. He only returns to humanoid form when he feels absolutely safe in his surroundings.

The younger twin brother of Jewel. The twins were separated at birth. Fionnan grew up as a strong garbage Longear, climbing up the ranks until he was granted torso tattoos. He favors geometric shapes (especially diamonds) and also has a larger tattoo of a circle inside of another circle to symbolize the cycle of life being inextricable from the cycle of death. His parents, heartbroken over their loss, could not bear to ever tell him about his lost twin, so Fionnan grew up believing he was an only child. His job is to scout and find resources that are further out. Often he has to go out for long trips alone and go for days without food or water. Because of this, he’s built up his stamina tremendously. He may not be as fast or as inherently powerful as some of the other warriors, but he will outlast most any enemy. He’s the type who can stalk prey for days, waiting for it to die of exhaustion while he’s still fit and ready to go. A friendly, stoic, social type, Fionnan endears himself to people he meets, but gets deadly serious when he has to. He has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to call out a friend or family member over a perceived slight. This does get him in trouble sometimes, as group harmony is considered very important, but he’s also very appreciated for his honesty. Fionnan doesn’t know why, but he often catches himself staring at the city in the distance. He’s never been there, but it always seems to draw his eye and part of him has always felt as if something was missing.