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"A little bite of chocolate...
Just a tiny bit will do!"
Fists clench inside his pocket
as he stares up with eyes blue.

His master does not dare to sigh,
knowing if he could, he'd cry.
"Not today, my love." She shakes her head,
and lightly kisses his cheek instead.

Aine (曖音) is a Royal Queen of Hearts (♡) Oto-Chro. Aine's name is made with the kanji for dark (曖) and sound (音). Most people assume that the "ai" in his name is from "love", but this isn't the case. Unfortunately, his master has a strange sense of humor and is a bit possessive. The love she has for him is hers alone, not meant to be read by others' eyes. Aine and his master's preferred musical genre is jazz, particularly that of Akiyoshi Toshiko.

Aine is filled with the desire to eat chocolate, although he knows that he can't have any due to being a robot. The main root of this desire is the fact that his master is a chocolatier who runs her own cozy little shop. Every day he sees her and her customers' faces lit up by delicious chocolate and he wishes a little harder that he could have some for himself. In his dreams, he has tasted the best chocolate made by his master and he keeps that false memory locked in his heart.

Design notes:

  • the mantle's hood has a cat ear design so that Aine's ears are hidden inside them when he puts the hood on
  • his long blue cloak is worn underneath the hood/mantle 
  • Oto-Chro ears are like sound speakers in terms of shape/material