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  • You can draw any of my ┬ácharacters SFW without asking! I'm fine with this, just don't white-wash POC characters!
  • You can offer on any character with the tag 4 and numbers below!
  • You can message with any questions about my characters, stories, codes I use, or the CS I run; Moltepsis!
  • Please ask for permission first before writing any of my characters.
  • Please ask before doing any NSFW art!
  • Ask before drawing my oc with yours if I don't know you or we aren't mutuals! Similarly, ask before drawing my ocs with the ocs of people I do not know!
  • Please do not draw gore of any character unless it is pastel gore.
  • Do not make offers on characters tagged five; They are forever homed and I'm not interested in offers for them.
  • Obviously just don't interact at all if you're going to be rude/racist/homophobic, or any of those sorts of things; Or if you support those sorts of things.
  • Obviously don't interact if you have the intention of stealing characters.


While I obviously don't agree with many of the things below, there are characters that I have that have participated or been victims of the mentioned content below. Please just be wary when scrolling and read a stories description for a vague idea of the content it includes!

  • Blood/ Gore
  • Violence
  • Death
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Drugs (Illicit and Legal Substances)
  • Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Sexual)
  • Mental Illnesses (Depression, Anxiety, MPD etc.)
  • Unhealthy relationships/ behavior
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Explicit descriptions of:
    • Self Harm, Suicide or Suicidal Thoughts, Sacrificial / Satanic Behaviors and Rituals.
  • Explicit imagery of:
    • Self Harm, Suicide or Suicidal Thoughts, Sacrificial / Satanic Behaviors and Rituals.
  • Implied/ Mentioned:
    • Anything Mentioned Above

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