Aoi's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

Nyaruhodo_ Global Rules

You may:

Resell the design for their current value, trade to anyone who's not blacklisted, gift to anyone who's not blacklisted.

Add the value of your own personal art to the designs's total value (but please no overpricing/scalping).

Use the design commercialy (vtubers, stories, games, etc), just please let me know beforehand.

Co-own the design with someone else

Make twins or any family members of the design, as long as you: 1- Ask me for permission first. 2- Keep both designs together. Selling/trading the designs separatedly is prohibited.

File a official copyright for / copyright by law the design. (let me know beforehand)

Turn the design into a closed-species character (let me know beforehand)

Make any changes to the design/redesign them to fit your preference.

You may NOT:

- Remove my credits as the designer/claim you created them, even if you heavily redesigned them.

- Sell the design for more than they're worth, lie about their value, overprice them, etc.

- Use the characters to promote any sort of hate speech or controversies, turn them into n*zis, p*dos, etc. I do not want me or my designs to be associated with anything that can be considered harmful or controversial.

- Add the worth of the characters you traded onto the design you received.(ex: the design is now worth $50 because you traded a character worth $50 for it)Unless you actually spent money to obtain the character, I do not allow increases in value.

- Sell my work and/or designs as NFTs or use for crypto, even if the character or the art in question is yours. It's still my work and I am not okay with it.

- Put the design for offers within less than 24 hours after receiving them (this only applies to designs obtained directly from me).

Important notes:

Avoid trading/selling my designs off-site. If you do, then please keep the design's profile on TH, and it's your responsibility to keep track of where the design is going. I do not like for my designs to be deleted and lost into oblivion.

- Please try to avoid owning my designs if you hate or have something against me. I think it's highly disrespectful to flock around my designs when you don't even support me in the first place.

- I ALWAYS ask users to check my terms before offering when I put a design up for offers. If you ignored that or disagreed with my terms, and decided to get a design by me anyways, it is YOUR reponsability.

- PLEASE refrain from using my designs as trade-fodder (meaning you're only getting them so you can trade them for something else that's more valuable), or offering on my designs if you don't even intend on using or forming a connection with them before putting them up for offers. It's extremely disheartening to see my designs being often passed around simply because the people on this site values brand-names and values over the artists and their work themselves. I won't blacklist if you do this with my designs, but I will stop doing business with you. Don't expect me to accept or to even reply to your offers if you do.

- I retain the right to revoke a design if:

  • It ends up falling in the hands of someone harmful or dangerous 
  • If it is willingly/knowingly handed to someone who is blacklisted

What will happen to me if I disrespect you/your rules? 

  • I hate blocking people and I tend to avoid conflict, so most of the time i'll just stop doing business with you. But I AM going to block you if you ignore my warnings and refuse to respect me on purpose. Please note not all blocks are definitive, I believe people can change and I might remove users from my blacklist with time. If you'd like to be removed, i'm willing to talk things out peacefully.


Please do not attack, harass or witch-hunt anyone on this list. I'm not praising you for white-knighting me, trust me. Just avoid handing my designs to these people, and that's it.

- PegPuff 

- Ashypie/Ashypurr

- Mangopipsqueak / Sarina/ Liliths234 / Succulicious

Being blacklisted means you are no longer allowed to obtain any characters designed by me, be it via trade, sale, or gift. 

If I blacklisted you, that means I don't nor wouldn't feel comfortable with you owning my designs, but that doesn't mean you're obligated to rehome the ones you already have. If you want to keep the character, feel free. I won't be against that, and no one reading this should force you to do so. Just please keep in mind that even if you're blacklisted, you must still abide to my terms.