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Name Talia
Enneagram 2w1
Class Paladin
Race Tiefling
Background Knights of the Unicorn
Alignment Lawful Good
Level 3
Hit Points 25
Age 23
Height 5'2"
Weight 115 lbs
Build Slender
Gender Female
Patron Goddess Eldath
Disposition Kind
Profession Protection for Hire


【 Acrobatics 】 +1【 Animal Handling 】 0
【 Arcane】 0【 Deception 】 +3
【 Athletics】 +4【 History 】 +2
【 Insight】 0【 Intimidation】 +3
【 Investigation】 0【 Medicine】 0
【 Nature】 0【 Perception】 0
【 Performance】 +3【 Persuasion】 +5
【 Religion】 +2【 Sleight of Hand】 +1
【 Stealth】 +1【 Survival】 0

Basic Stats

【 Strength- 15 】

【 Dexterity- 12 】

【 Constitution- 12】

【 Intelligence- 10 】

【 Wisdom- 10】

【 Charisma- 16 】


Battleaxe: 1d8+4 SShield: Round and Simple
Dagger: 1d4+4 P Chain Mail: AC 18
Handaxe (20/60 range): 1 d6+4 S Shortsword: 1d6 +4P
Longsword: 1d8+4 S Spear (20/60): 1d6 +4P
Holy Symbol: HairclipTraveler's Clothes: Frillier than expected
Knight of the Unicorn signet: RingFlute: Wooden and handmade
Backpack: SturdyBedroll: Basic
Mess Kit: Essential UtensilsTinderbox: Firstarter
Torches (10): For those who can't see in the darkRations (10): When takeout's not available
Waterskin: Hydrate50' Rope: Don't get all tied up


tumblr_oim0bxTgJh1w0423ro1_500.gifThe world is flawed, but it is my duty to change how the world percieves me, not to change the world to fit my needs.

Above all else, Talia wishes to change how people naturally percieve her. Through her actions she wishes to change their natural view of the tricksy tiefling, and feels that doing as many acts of good as possible will result in this.

To live is to seek new experiences, to find good in the world even in the darkest of times, and to protect.

Talia believes in learning through doing, and goes out of her way to look for the good in the world and contribute as much as she can. If she does not see good, she will create it.

Every being deserves to be saved, a second chance, the opportunity to live and to grow.

Just as she does not wish to be judged automatically, Talia does her best to not judge others based on appearance, race, etc. Even enemies she may have fought to protect another she is willing to give a second change, as she believes any should be allowed to seek redemption.

I wish to save all, though the world has seen to show that that is not always possible

She has failed before, and will strive to not but she is not quite naive enough to ignore the reality that not everyone can be saved.


Patron Goddess- Edalth, The Green Goddess. Pacifist at heart, Talia found the ideals of serenity, comfort, and healing of Edalth to be what she held most dear. As a result, attacks will often be a last resort, preferring persuasion, healing, and protection over all else. She will collect broken weapons as offerings to Edalth. Her holy symbol is her hairclip, the innocence and tranquility of the daisy a favored flower of Edalth.

Knights of the Unicorn- member, though has been traveling, bears the signet ring of her local order that originally trained her as a Paladin, teaching her battle, spells, and Elvish.

Baileys Bard- She likes them but wants them to share some of their monetary findings :c

Briar Rogue- She sure does speak her mind- Talia would never admit it but....she kind of appreciates it.

Brick Monk- She's so cheerful! Talia is much more comfortable with weapons but man, seeing someone just use there fists is a sight to behold.

Faelen Soft....

I took this out no secrets for you >:3