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Basic Info




female (she/her)


king cheetah


late 20s




150 lb.


medical office technician


My Chemical Romance, tea, reading, video games (Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch), collecting stuffed animals, cats, Steven Universe, The Lion King (especially Scar), cosplaying, baking, her partner


coffee, working, being forgotten or ignored, drugs and alcohol, confrontation, greasy or spicy food, sports, scary movies, enclosed spaces


Shy and a little childish. Easily embarrassed. Often reserved around strangers or people she's just met, but bubbly and expressive around close friends. Passionate about the things she enjoys, sometimes to a fault. Will talk your ear off if you get her started on the right subject.



Shetani is a king cheetah in her twenties who lives with her partner, a rat named Mika, and their pet kitten. She's usually shy and withdrawn, and can be childish at times. Shetani tries her best to maintain a positive outlook and attitude despite the many hardships life throws at her. Social situations make her nervous, and rather than a large social network, she has a handful of close friends who she trusts deeply. At a gathering, she's most likely to be found hovering timidly near the refreshments, observing the host's reading material, or gushing over any pets present. Once one gets to know her better, Shetani's initial demure and polite demeanor gives way to reveal a quick wit and unexpectedly sarcastic sense of humor.

Shetani finds that the "nerdy" label fits her quite comfortably. Her hobbies include reading, cosplaying, playing video games, listening to My Chemical Romance, and caring for animals - she particularly loves cats! She dabbles in baking and cooking, but worries about what others think of her creations, despite an overwhelmingly supportive response. She also has a bit of a hoarding personality, and has amassed quite a large collection of Lion King merchandise. Nothing helps her wind down after a long day at work like some games or internet time and a nice hot cup of tea, followed by a bath bomb in the tub.

Shetani's fashion sense is all about casual comfort. Her warm weather wardrobe consists of graphic t-shirts that depict her interests, along with shorts, sometimes pairing the latter with cute tights. In colder weather, she likes keeping warm in a big knit sweater and jeans or patterned leggings - or just knee socks if she's staying at home. Non-retractile claws make most footwear uncomfortable, so she doesn't wear shoes or boots unless the weather is inclement (or she's cosplaying). Though she rarely attends formal events, she can be spotted on such occasions in a modest formal dress, sometimes with her hair pulled back or braided for a change. She sleeps in matching pajama sets or a nightgown, and wears a one-piece bathing suit for swimming.


Shetani is the only child of a cheetah father and a domestic cat mother. Her father, a spiritual man, was overjoyed upon seeing his daughter's blotchy fur. According to beliefs, the king cheetah fur pattern was a trait that had been passed down among the females of his family, and indicated that their family's lineage could be traced back to the First Cheetah herself. The splotchy-spotted and striped coat appeared only once a generation and heralded extrasensory powers in its bearer, including prophetic dreams.

Little Shetani was a shy cub, but very intelligent with a thirst for knowledge. When she was about six years old, her father received news from back home that one of his sisters had given birth to a king-patterned daughter. This came as quite a shock for Shetani's father, who urged his young cub to try and "fulfill her potential," but it quickly became apparent that this cousin of Shetani's had received the blessing, and Shetani herself carried nothing more than a distinctly patterned coat. Instead, she threw herself headlong into her studies in an attempt to please her father, and while there was no resentment between them, Shetani always felt that he was disappointed in her for not living up to his expectations.

Aside from that, Shetani's youth was happy and uneventful. She flourished academically - always coming in top of her class - and though not "popular" in the traditional sense, she had a close-knit group of friends about her and was never treated unfairly by her peers. When not studying, she took pleasure in reading and learning more about nature and animals. As a teenager, she got into the occasional spat with her mother, but kept her grades up and stayed out of trouble (preferring to listen to music or play video games than go out on the town).

After high school, Shetani pursued higher education with her sights set on the field of zoology, and those who knew her had nothing but the highest expectations. However, her plans ground to a halt when her mother fell seriously ill. A devastated Shetani dropped out of school and returned home to help her father care for her ailing mother. She took a receptionist job at a reproductive health clinic to help with the bills, where she met her partner, a rat named Mika. Shetani reconnected with her hometown friends, who introduced her to the world of fandoms and cosplaying. Escaping into the fantasy worlds she loved and attending conventions with her friends and partner helped Shetani cope with the stress of her home life.

After Shetani's mother passed away, her father returned to his home country to be with his family. Shetani moved with Mika into a place of their own, with a pet kitten making three. Eschewing any lofty aspirations, she is content with a life that allows her to pursue her hobbies and be with the people she cares about - as long as she gets a little vacation now and then!

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* 5'1"
* 150 lbs.
* curvy, feminine figure
* large boobs, hips, and thighs
* wavy brown hair going down past her butt, long enough to sit on
* black claws always extended, on hands and feet

* black tailtip & 2 black rings
* 3 black stripes down her back; the middle stripe extends to about halfway down her tail
* black outer ear rims
* spot pattern is random

* Mandatory accessories:
          - glasses
          - silver necklace with omega pendant
          - 3 silicone Livestrong-type bracelets on right wrist: red, lavender, dark green
          (other accessories can be omitted when cosplaying, but she should always be wearing glasses) 
* casual wardrobe mostly consisting of graphic tees (see likes for design ideas), big knit sweaters, jeans or shorts, patterned tights or leggings, and knee socks
* bedtime: matching pajama sets or a nightgown
* formal: pretty but simple floor-length dress; hair can also be up or braided
* swimwear: one-piece bathing suit
* no shoes unless weather is inclement or as part of a cosplay
* hair can also be put into a ponytail for a change
* never to be drawn without clothes!

please see reference sheet (first image in gallery)