⋙ Castle ⋘
Chinchilla | 27 | Male


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 100lbs


Preference: Males (secret)

Sign: Scorpio

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Themes: The GazettE -FILTH IN THE BEAUTY

BabyMetal- Megitsune

The GazettE- The Invisible Wall


Visual Kei,Spikes and Leather, Japanese Cuisine, Accessorizing, Doing Live Performances, Being Cheered by Fans, Partying/Drinking with Friends, Karaoke, City Night Life, Cute Plushies (secret), Getting Gifts from Admirers


Bad Acoustics, Running out of Cigarettes, Manual Labor, Getting Wet, Bland Fashion, Being Ignored, Being Teased for His Height, Not Being the Center of Attention, Fatty American Foods


Tsundere, "Castle isnt Just a Stage Name...", Lead Singer in "The Chateau", Visual Kei, J-Pop/Rock, Speaks Japanese and broken English. Spikes and Leather, Napoleon Complex, Singing/Preforming, Monochromatic is Life, Big Fan of Himself.


"Castle, or so he calls one really knows his actual name...He claims to have been born from a pretty traditional nuclear family in Yokohama City, but then again he claims a lot of things really, most of which when hes drunk after a show. The guy is a real trip, what can I tell you? Hes fueled by this weird almost supernatural determination to prove hes some kind of Rock God, inspiring at first, but it really feels unhealthy once you are around the guy day after day. We have played along side him for years now and literally have zero idea what he does other than write songs,  prep for the next show and maybe party? Sometimes get the feeling this happy past picture he paints isnt always true, and is mostly a mask hes wearing to lock away a memory he never wants to associate with again. We always wonder what the guy is really hiding...but never dare to ask.

Sometimes on nights after a show, post partying, I have seen him. Just leaning over the balcony of his hotel suite, cigarette in hand staring at the ever changing billboards and various neon signs illuminating the Tokyo sky falsely posing as stars. As still as a statue, seemingly lost in a far off universe, the only hint of his sentience displayed by occasional drags from his cancer stick. I always hold my breath in these moments, picturing him leaping from the edge and disappearing in to the streets below...but then I remember, anyone gripped with pride like that couldn't be standing there fantasizing his death...hes probably just putting himself on display for the world...with the rest of the citys imposter stars...fleeing...but undeniably powerful when they are shining. Castle, a real musical talent like none other, without you "The Chateau" wouldn't be so famous, but who are you really? Alas, we probably never know..."

- interview in passing with "The Chateau" band member wishing to remain anonymous 2018


SFW Reference Sheet | Current Value: $2,030.00

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