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The Naga King
"If you paid attention in history class, you might already have heard of me. My name is Xerxes. Sargon Xerxes, but you may call me King."
Name Sargon Xerxes
Nickname Sun King, Jules, The God King
Chronological Age 2837
Biological Age Mid to late-thirties
Sex Male
Sexual orientation unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Regal naga
Occupation CEO and ex-emperor
Residence Estate on privately owned land in the outskirts of the city
Main theme Glitter and Gold
Voice N/A
Appeal to Strangers Intimidating. Exerts a very royal and strong presence which few can match.
Appeal to Mutuals Seems to default to stern expressions, but is actually pretty mellow once you befriend him.

The rise

In the early time of the Persian empire, multiple naga clans were situated around it. Born as a regal naga to a warrior naga clan, Sargon's path in life had already been set. He would lead his clan to prosperity through force and conflict, and as time passed on and less and less clans were left to be of any threat, they gained notoriety and respect from the neighbouring Persian empire. Living so close to human culture, Sargon's clan eventually merged with them, sharing culture, lives and goals. As the merge happened, there was no-where for Sargon to go. He had no-one to lead as they had all gone under the human rulers of the empire which left Sargon with no purpose in life anymore. He refused to let his life have no meaning so he selfishly clawed his way to higher and higher positions within the empire, proving himself both as a fierce warrior and a worthy king on multiple occasions. He proved himself both as a naga and as a human, mastering the duality of both as he learnt how to change into a more human form.

He eventually was crowned as Emperor, and he finally felt at peace with his place in life again, but his work had just begun.. He had a new goal and this time he set out to unify humanity and monster kind, gaining him a new title; The Naga King.

The rule

Sargon was a great ruler of the Persian empire, however it was a peculiar situation to have a monster -- a naga as king and emperor of Persia. People should have been wary of him, but he was not a bad king, nor was he benevolent and kind either. While he ruled with an iron fist, he ruled it well and led his people to victory multiple times by being in the front lines of significant battles. It was his extreme persistence and hardiness which made him a very efficient king, and led Persia to great achievements under his rule. However, the bigger the king the greater the threat he would face, and with a lifespan that far exceeded many human generations, the threats only grew.

The fall

Never leaving the throne, Sargon would be questioned and criticized by cynics. At first, it would only be questions, but towards the end of his rule they became accusations. Wether he did a good job or not didn't matter to them, and they used the natural mistrust humans had for monsters, and how unnatural it was for them to have a king rule for multiple generations to plan a hostile takeover. They wanted him off the throne, and out of their society, for all they knew he could be secretly holding their empire back from their true potential, him being a monster and most of them being humans after all.

Sargon was betrayed by those who served him, and those he protected and ruled over. He was ambushed and captured with the intent of sealing him in a tomb specially made for him. However, he would not give up without a fight as this act of treason filled him with rage. The struggle went on for 5 days with no break and no room to breathe, 300 men was needed to subdue him, but 100 men died in the process. In the end, Sargon was too wounded and exhausted, he had no way of fighting back anymore and was outnumbered and brought to the tomb. There they stripped him of everything; His clothes, jewelry, title and freedom. Shacked in iron, bound by cloth, and sealed with stone, he was finally brought to silence.

The new king appointed by the people took it upon himself to scrub Sargon out of existence. He would proceed to burn every book and papers documenting Sargon himself and his rule, he would punish and execute anyone who would try to keep a record, preventing people from even telling the stories of Sargon Xerxes to their children. However, during Sargon's rule, there were some achievements that could not be scrubbed from the Persian history, and for it to make sense, they made up a fictional king to be described in their books instead of Sargon, and they would call him "Xerxes I".

As Sargon was sealed away, he still had loyal followers, both humans and monsters. The new king took pity on them, and let them give Sargon one last gift before they themselves were sealed away in one big collective tomb of their own, away from Sargon. They decorated his tomb with heaps of gold and jewelry, some vases filled to the brim of gold coins, carved stone pillars encrusted with beautiful jewels and gold, and piles upon piles with treasures from their own collections and Sargon's own treasury. After all, the new king was surprisingly stubborn, and did not want any of the "filthy monster gold" Sargon had collected over the century and decades, and dumped it all into Sargon's tomb. After his loyal followers had given him their gifts and prayers, they were taken to be sealed away in their own tomb, some forcefully and some peacefully. Sargon's tomb were sealed for good, and guarded heavily to prevent anyone to interfere. In the end no one who were truly loyal to Sargon was left in this world. Without anyone to remind them of who he was, time would pass, and so would the memory of the great Naga King Sargon Xerxes of Persia be lost in time.


As time went on with nobody to record why his tomb existed in the first place, less and less guards would guard a tomb they did not even know the meaning of. After millennia there would only be a handful left who would stay loyal to the tradition.

Tremors would always have been a common thing to happen now and then, but only recently did they start appearing more often, and one turned out to be powerful enough to wake Sargon from his deep slumber. A single crack in his stone coffin was enough to wake him, and with that he tore free from the withered cloth which had him wrapped up, crushed the stone coffin and ripped the chains holding his arms in place from the walls with a great roar. Sargon Xerxes was back, and he was furious. Waking to the memory of being betrayed, beaten, and forced into a coffin against his will made him blind with anger and pure hate. The unknowing guards who was on patrol was shocked beyond belief, and made their way into the deepest chambers of the tomb where Sargon had been slumbering. They were absolutely awestruck with what they were met with. There on the altar stood a scaled person clad in gold, scorched black by the sun itself and white hair bleached by its rays. He was beautiful, he was radiant, he was powerful, and he was furious. They knew not what to feel, think nor do, and so they attacked him. Sargon brushed off their spears and knives as if they were less worth than flies, he did not even give them the honor of his glare as he swiped them down with his impossibly long and spiked tail. After dealing with the pests, he gathered himself, found his clothes and jewelry in the piles of treasures and escaped the tomb. He knew he had slept for an impossibly long time, and needed to see what he had missed, perhaps there was still parts of his empire he could salvage.

  • Gold and jewelry
  • Being treated as royalty and similar VIP treatment
  • History
  • Sunrises
  • Sunbathing
  • Disrespect
  • People who thinks themselves to be more than him
  • Inpatience
  • Incorrect written history and being unable to have it rewritten
  • Meat that is well-done

Sargon's facial expressions usually consists of various degrees of contempt, uninterest and subtle satisfaction. He is not a very expressive character, and very rarely shows any kind of extreme emotion unless put in a difficult situation. He rarely smiles in a genuine way as it's incredibly hard to satisfy him to that point of happiness.
He is the King -- The Emperor of the greatest nation know to man! Well... ex-emperor technically speaking.. This is a bit of a touchy subject for him, and will get huffy and annoyed if it is mentioned or questioned about. It still hurts thinking how everything was stolen from him by those he swore to lead.

He carries himself in a very dignified manner, wording himself with confidence and authority. He is extremely demanding of respect, and if you don't adress him properly be it accidentally or not, he will take it as disrespect towards his authority. Depending on the people, he would have them bow down and look to the ground as they spoke to him, avoiding eye contact. Some people in this world does not deserve to lay their eyes onto his magnificense and will look down into the filth by their feet when adressing him.

In private however with people he trusts, he will act completely different. Albeit still having a hard time smiling genuinely, he will still display acts of affection. He's rather awkward though as he will mostly resort to head pats and miscellanious things. These things include stuff such as as sending someone a boquet of flowers if it's someone special, remembering exactly what food they loved and treating them to it, or offering his help if there's anything they need. Nothing super direct, but just subtle enough to still be noticed as acts of affection.
To get the kings complete and undivided affection is very hard however, and he has a hard time trusting -- even moreso loving someone genuinely, so one would have to work very hard to gain this affection. Even if you did have it he wouldn't be too vocal about it, but he would definitely be much more loving. Light, gentle caresses as he passed them, holding them by the waist protectively when introducing them to someone, and making sure they were comfortable at all times would be his top priority.
His lover would be one lucky person.

At his awakening, Sargon was incredibly hateful and bitter against humanity as a whole, lumping every person in with the bad ones and assuming the worst about every human. He was blinded by rage, and had an extremely hard time calming down, seeing past this hate. It took him years to get over it, but as time passed he learned to look past it and see the good in some humans. He is still cautious, but does not blindingly hate them anymore. Due to all the time and energy he spent disliking the humans, he never turned it against his fellow monsterfolk. They were the only ones left to welcome him back after his revival after all, how could he ever thank them? Because of this, he has become very soft on anything non-human. Where he would normally have a very piercing gaze towards a human seeking his council, when compared to a monster his demeanor changes subtly. He's not as hostile and while his piercing glare doesn't dissapear, you could catch an added hint of fondness in his eyes as well. He feels more familiar with monsters afterall.

After learning that not all humans are bad, he set a new goal for himself. He will rise up again, building connections and wealth worthy of a king and work towards a future where monsters doesn't need to be hunted or hidden from humans anymore. When all that is said and done, he wants to sit on the top, leading both humans and monsters.

Horns and gems
Vest and jacket
Gold detailing
Height 2m / 6' 7''
Build Well built
Eyes Golden
Skin tone Tan
Hair Silver
Hairstyle Pulled back and loose
Demeanor Poised
Appeal Authorative
Smell Cologne
Posture Assertive

  • He normally has his three horns visible, but he is capable of hiding them when out in public among normal people.
  • Both his lower arms are adorned with tattoos. They are however magical, and are only visible when his spikes are retracted. Since they are simply manifestations of his spikes they are subject to change as he's able ot change the looks of them at will. This means the artist may draw them however they'd like as long as they remain angular or "spiky"-looking.
  • What seems to be makeup under his eyes is in fact not. They are small golden scales and the only remaining thing from his naga form which he cannot hide or remove when transforming into a human. Thankfully he can easily pretend it to be makeup.
White gold

  • His naga form is his truest form, however it being much bigger than the human form it is not the most comfortable to relax in.
  • Only usually transformed into this form with the intention to kill or exert his status.
  • When transformed, the scales underneath his eyes changes color. They go from a bright gold to purple when in his naga form.
A character that appears emotionless, cold, blunt and cynical. That's what he is on the outside but he is actually caring and nice on the inside.
God-Emperor is a sovereign who is claimed, either by self or others, to be a Physical God.
The higher a character is in a political, business, or military hierarchy, the better he is in a fight. This goes double for non-protagonists.
  • Sargon was made purely out of self indulgence, and no energy went into considering if some aspects were good design-wise or not. Everything about him are features I have noted to love in designs.
  • Sargon being a completely self-indulging character, you bet your ass I'll be drawing kinky shit to fuel my THIRST.
  • One of his nicknames -- "The God King" comes from his abnormally long lifespan. The humans under him thought him to be immortal for living so long, and therefore came to the conclusion that he must be a God. (He actually isn't)
  • When angry, he slips into ancient persian when cursing

To Sargon, Pharragan is one of the few people he's met who he feels comfortable just sitting down and speak heart-to-heart with. There's no titles needed, there's no special way of adressing eachother, it's very casual, something Sargon hasn't had in a long time. He values what they have, not only for the benefits, but also for the company and partnership.



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