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Basic Info

Drawing notes

When using her magic to summon sweet stuff, the area around the place it will go will have a pink glow to it. Yes, her teeth are legitimately black.


  • Ruzushirani "Ruzu"

  • Age 42
  • Gender Female
  • Race Shinujinn-Shiri
  • Role Weirdo
  • Alignment *shrug*

"Woah hey, I'm being quoted? Cool!"

Ruzushirani, or Ruzu for short. She's an adorable li'l Shinujinn! And oh, she's got so-called water powers, how about that? Well, that's because she's soda aesthetic and has candy powers, but she often just calls her more offensive moves "water" moves. Unfortunately she's a victim of bad luck, probably karma for having such weird powers. Nothing cruel, but annoying stuff like, she can't be expected to win any game of chance. [I'm gonna try and do this, it probably won't work well. But it comes from Candice, who is mentioned in her history and will probably be the next character I draw.]

Trivia/Possibly Accepted Headcanons

  • Because Shinujinn live about 3x as long as humans, her age is more close to 14.
  • Unusual even for her species, sugar has literally no effect on Ruzu, because she's basically the Candy Sprite except none exists, oops.


DoB: June 17th
Origin: Oshihon
Height: 3'11"
Build: slightly thicc
Theme: unknown
  • Soda (obviously, she was designed with this in mind)
  • Swimming
  • Rabbits*
  • Cooking
  • Her bad luck
  • Having the tail touched

*She does not eat rabbits, she just likes them.




Ruzu was expected to gain magic, yes. Her dad had great affinity with the water element, that's what Ruzu should have gotten in her teens. Usually Jumperverse magic asserts itself around the age of 15. But Ruzu was different. Instead of some kind of elemental magic, she had sweets-themed magic - one day she woke up completely covered in caramel and it took her fifteen minutes to wash it all out. This was confusing, and there seemed to be no explanation. What happened?

Well, what really happened was, she got, well, infected I guess? Basically a parasite, an ultradimensional being who IS themed after this stuff. She goes by Candice, and the link happened completely on accident. Candice had been transported to the normal world, but nobody could see her because she was still an unlinked UDB. Trying to figure out the source, she accidentally linked with Ruzu, allowing her to exist in the normal world. But she didn't want to reveal herself, 'cuz Ruzu would probably be freaked out, she was about 11 at the time. So Ruzu suspects nothing.

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