Art Rules



1 year, 2 months ago


here are just some general art rules of when commissioning me for art, custom designs, etc.

Character Designs

Giving Credit

when giving credit for my custom designs  credit my Deviant art page or Instagram other than my or chicken smoothie.

links can be found in my profile.

this also goes with even when the character has been redesigned heavily, credit me for the original concept, etc. 

Character Revamps

Most character revamps are fine, such as: adding markings, adding wings, adding horns, etc.

But changing something that made the character special as a whole, it is not preferred. it is allowed but it is not preferred by me. 

Ex: A character with really unique traits such as; the character is a dragon with coral horns, etc - The character gets redesigned into a wolf.

Reselling Character Designs

when reselling my character designs it is preferred that the price you resell the character for is no higher than what you've paid for originally.

 unless the character includes extra art, etc.

when planning to resell characters that you've achieved for free, they cannot be sold unless the character includes extra art, and etc. 

when reselling one of my designs, you must notify the new owner of the character about my rules so none will be broken. 

When Commissioning Artwork

 always credit my deviant art or instagram for my artworks.

DO NOT remove my signature- 

and if the artwork you found that appears to be mine but without a signature please contact me.

payments must be sent after I have sent you the sketch. You may ask for minor changes, but you cannot ask for a sudden or a huge change after a few days or after it was approved by you.

you CANNOT cancel the commission after the sketch has been approved, if you do indeed wish to call off the commission then you must pay for the progress that was already made.

(example: commissioned a fullbody, shaded piece - cancels commission after the lineart was drawn - has to pay for the lineart since it already was drawn)