Pizhke of Shoreville



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Rāndakilā Pizhke Pizhke of Shoreville

Īdaniz izān

Rāndakilā Pizhke (Pizhke of Shoreville)
Finnic "medieval" fantasy
Race, ethnicity, nationality
Caucasian, Maavaldian, Livian (Maavaldlane, liivlane)
Wind-witch/Wisewoman in training.
With the sea to the north and massive forests to the south the fishing village of Rāndakilā has always been somewhat set apart from the surrounding nations, doing most of their trade by water. Even though their village hasn't had direct raids set against them many men and witches were called off to war against the cynocephalies and never returned, which has caused the village to fall on hard times.

Pizhke is the last witch of Rāndakilā, and with the cynocephali raids also possibly the last witch of coastal Livia. The girl is not that good at her trade due to not having learnt everything from her mother before she passed away, but is nonetheless tasked with all the responsibility in that particular area due to there being no-one else left to take on her mantle.

After an unexpected invitation from an acquaintance of her mother the girl settles her affairs and sets out northwards to seek his mentorship for the summer.

  • good swimmer
  • can beckon a breeze by whistling for it
  • knows how to sacrifice food and appease spirits
  • knows herbs
  • knows a lot about fishing and stories about sea
  • acts before thinking
  • inexperienced, knows nothing of city-life and too trustful of strangers
  • few allies (either natural or supernatural)
  • awful liar, couldn't do "headology" to save her life
  • lacks "witching secrets" and any flashier skills like kratt-making, spirit-traveling, shapeshifting, cursing, snakewords, healing rituals

Ibbi A "kratt" (golem made of household materials) in the shape of a steed. Ibbi is roughly the size of a small horse, its' body mainly being wrought of entwined driftwood and sailing rope. Most of its torso is made up of a large sailors trunk, ontop of which the riding saddle is placed. Since Ibbi has no arms or hands it uses its own reins (which are considered a part of its body) to manipulate objects. Ibbi is capable of speech, but lacks human understanding of morals. As with all kratts it has to be kept busy on all hours of the day so it would not turn on its owner.


Rāndakilā Imake Pizhke's mother and a powerful witch. Stories say that she was capable of controlling winds, even attributing her the ability to turn herself into an actual whirlwind Her other feats include more generic curses and knowledge of magic (note: any relation to Mother Wind from livonian folk stories?). Possibly deceased or otherwise out of the picture, unable to teach Pizhke any further. .


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