Damascan Great Wolf Refs



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Basic Info

Height (paw to back)

Males: 16-18ft, Females: 12-15ft


Very large, long bodies, very long tails(about as long as their body), legs are relatively tall(not super tall), their ears are tallish/long(again not super long) and pointed/upright, they have a thin/slender build, general overall structure is that of a canine


Bushy tail, areas like chest/neck/underbelly and tufts on legs are feathered fur(not feathers for fur, but the style of fur), the fur length would either be kinda like a border collie or a fox..not sure yet, fur is soft and silky


****Just whipping this up to help show examples because stuff may be unclear lmao, still a WIP****

Damascan Great Wolves: Powers/Abilities

Damascans are gigantic canid creatures with demonic and yokai-like features. They stand at roughly 12-18 feet high from paw to back (Special-ranked can reach up to 20ft) All of them are equipped with horns and they always have eye marks //which act as a sense of identification//.


  •  Powerful legs that make them fast and agile; despite the ginormous size of the creature, they also have springy jumps/leaps which allow them to jump relatively far/ high
  • Long sharp teeth, a bit thin and "needle-like"
  •  They have forked tongues
  •  Eyes have slitted pupils
  • Powerful jaws that are capable of breaking & crushing bones
  • Their canines/fangs have poisonous/paralysis properties, they can inject the venom into their prey with a single bite, even a deep prick. Damascans have an immunity to their own venom and therefore cannot be affected as such by other Damascans
  • They have long bodies with flexible spines.
  • Have tall ears that provide an excellent sense of hearing
  • Strong sense of smell
  • In Kemonomimi Form they have good swordsmen skills
  • Horns can serve as weapons and defense //if large enough//, just like most other animals equipped with horns
  • Given their large size and the length of their tails, Damascans have adapted to use their tails as another natural weapon. Overtime they started to train their tails for this purpose and as a result it gradually became stronger and more flexible, they were able to gain more specialized control over it like it was another limb. Now Damascans of today naturally inherit this adaptation.

Special Abilities/Powers

Damascans are able to cross into spirit realms as well as eat souls/spirits in order to gain power.

  • Their horns actually serve a more specialized purpose in addition to the basic functions of horns, they are the storage vessels where the powers they gain are stored. They are simply a place for the power to reside in—this does not mean they can only use their powers from their horns, the powers can flow throughout their bodies if they use it
  • They eat normal food/prey for nourishment NOT spirits. Spirits/souls are eaten for one reason—they can gain powers
  • Damascans are NOT yokai/spirits themselves but they have the ability to see them and cross into their realm/dimension. They are able to eat wandering spirits as such, but they can also extract souls/spirits from objects and creatures.
  • In order to extract a spirit from a vessel, their horns and claws have special properties that are similar to venom. They can use their horns or claws to extract a  spirit/soul by tapping or pricking the vessel; this ability is controlled, so they only extract from vessels if they will it, therefore there is no concern of accidentally extracting a spirit without intending to.
  • They gain various powers:
    • Ability to fly //not wing-based flight//
    • Elemental-based powers //fire, wind, earth, lightning, water etc.//
    • Mimicry/Illusions and camouflage
    • Special-Ranked Damascans //all legendary traits or high amount of legendary and rare traits// can acquire celestial/spatial powers which are very powerful and "godly". To put it simply, Special Ranked Damascans are like gods/deities


  • Their ability to take humanoid/kemonomimi form is an entirely separate ability from spirit-gained powers, they can use it regardless.
  • In order to adapt to harsh winter climates, either depending on the season or their habitat location (i.e. if they live in the arctic), Damascans have adapted a winter coat.
  • Their winter coats are much thicker than their regular coats and the base colour of their fur turns white //markings remain// 
  • In kemonomimi form, their hair is also white (including ears and tail) and like the feral form their tail will be extra bushy/fluffy.
  • Masks are worn as means to hide their identity or facial expressions(it also must cover their eye marks because of this), they will wear them in places such as festivals and enemy territory, etc. //kemonomimi form//
  • Eye mark identification is not at the same level as fingerprints, because they can be simple and are bound to be similar to others, but it still serves as a form of identification among Damascans! This is why masks also must cover eye marks otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose



This is just a general overview of the species temperament, it does not mean that you cannot give a Damascan its own individual personality!!!

  • Cautious/Heedful (typically regarding their identities, but also alert to dangers)
  • Sly & Clever
  • Gluttonous—>in kemonomimi form (to accommodate for their massive size in their primary feral forms)
  • Prideful of their horns, they take care of them
  • Energetic/Active
  • Enjoy Festivals and such (primarily cultural/traditional Asian-based festivals like Chinese and Japanese festivals). They enjoy the games and fun but are typically after the food stalls
  • Pack oriented animals like wolves; typically loving/caring, kind, gentle & loyal towards packmates/family and friends.
  • May sometimes exhibit a 'lone wolf' type personality