The Prince



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Name Chosen by the player (Unnamed by default, and is simply referred to as “Prince”)
Age 17
Build Normal
Species Human…?
Gender Male
Oreint. Chosen by the player
Pronouns He/Him
Occupation Heir to the throne of the Nameless Kingdom, Warrior
Creator Historia
Origin Nameless Kingdom, Verlis
Design Notes

  • The prince already has his main outfit changed, but if you want, you are still allowed to draw him in his past outfits as long as you keep his butterfly hairpin.
  • His hair is always white, but usually, it’s coloured in a very pale blue. His hair is also pretty short.
  • You can simplify any details to his outfit (And any of his alt. ones), as long as it’s not too much.

He is the main hero and the sole human character in the game. As heir to the throne of the nameless kingdom, he is said to carry the holy blood of Verlis and is of noble birth. It’s also said that he used to age normally, but due to being brought to Badcadia, his way of aging has changed drastically; his physical appearance no longer changes as he grows older, but yet he seems to be unaffected by natural causes. His name and sexuality can be chosen by the player, but for the name alone, he does not have one by default.

A kindhearted and brave individual, the prince seems to have no fear towards most of Badcadia’s monsters, although when he was younger, he had a big fear of dangerous animals such as bears. Sometimes, he minds his own business, and would just roam around a certain area if he wanted to. He seems to have a strong bond with butterflies, including the ones in Badcadia, since butterflies are said to be his favorite animal, and was desperate to own one as a pet when he was younger. He seems to care about the Badcadian creatures, as he sees them as “innocent beings who do not want to be taken away or brutally killed”.


  • The prince is inspired by the protagonist archetype in most RPG games, although most of the inspiration comes from the Lord-type characters seen in Fire Emblem, specifically Marth and Lucina.
  • He was initially going to have either brown or blue hair, but I went with white instead.
  • Butterflies are a symbol of hope and endurance, and they serve as an inspiration to the prince’s design and personality.
  • As he cannot age, he is unaffected by the two year timeskip that takes place between both the first two games of The Laughing Sashimi, and The Adventures of Sword Kid.

Prior to the events of Badcadia, he was self-taught on how to use a rapier when he was around 12, and year after year, his swordplay skills improved, and had become a full-fledged swordsman. He seemingly lost the rest of his childhood memories, therefore nothing much is known about the rest of his backstory.


  • Butterflies
  • Bread
  • His Homeland
  • books

  • The monsters of Badcadia
  • Talking to certain beings
  • Badcadia
  • Losing focus

Lux | Potential Enemy

The Prince is quite aware about Lux's presence, as if he knows that he would face them very soon. If he were to accept this challenge, then he must fight them in order to go home.

METON | Varies, pretends to be an ally

METON somewhat acts as an "ally" to the prince, and it seems to be helping him when troubles come upon him. However, he knows something odd about it and its behaviour...

Myr | Ally

Along the way, the prince encountered this pecuilar creature, who, like him, is also another Urdian who was trapped in Badcadia. He seems to share a strong bond with him, but what is that bond's purpose...?

Badcadian Inhabitants | Varies

As there are many inhabitants residing in Badcadia, the prince's relationship with them varies; he seems to be really caring with the innocent creatures, and is often on good terms with them, knowing that he will keep them safe from harm. He, however, despises the monsters, and knows that they are harming the innocent ones, so he fights back against them.