The Prince



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  • The young, nameless prince of a nameless kingdom

  • Age 17 (Does not age)
  • Gender Male
  • Race Human
  • Role Hero/Prince of an unnamed kingdom
  • Alignment Lawful Good

"Where am I? This world… doesn’t feel like home..."

An unnamed prince is the main hero and the sole human character of the character universe Badcadia. He was said to be part of a royal family from an unknown city, but due to an unknown accident, he was sent to the depths of an outrealm known as “Badcadia”, a realm filled with eldritch monsters and innocent creatures where it is said that anyone who was sent to Badcadia will never come home alive. As Badcadia is a dangerous place, he is forced to fight the monsters of this realm, with the power of light and darkness, in order to return home safely. He canonically does not have a name, but you’re free to nickname him anything as you wish, but he is intended to not have a name at all.

The prince is a young man who has short, white hair with a blue butterfly wing headpiece on the right of his head, and light blue eyes. He wears a long blue coat with fur trimmings and golden lining, and a pair of blue fingerless gloves. Underneath his coat is a light blue shirt, and he wears a dark blue pauldron with golden lining on his left shoulder. He wears a simple blue split cape, and wears a golden kneepad on his left leg. Finally, he has blue pants and brown boots.


DoB: 121 (In Badcadia timeline)
Origin: Unknown Kingdom
Height: 5 feet tall
Build: Normal
Demeanor: Brave
  • Butterflies
  • Bread
  • His family and homeland
  • The monsters of Badcadia
  • Talking to certain beings
  • He also hates Badcadia as well




The prince’s past is mostly unclear, but he was self-taught on how to use a rapier when he was around 12, and year after year, his swordplay skills improved, and had became a full-fledge swordsman. Nothing else is known about it.


A kindhearted and brave individual, the prince seems to have no fear towards most of Badcadia’s monsters, although when he was younger, he had a big fear of dangerous animals such as bears. Sometimes, he minds his own business, and would just roam around a certain area if he wanted to. He seems to have a strong bond with butterflies, including the ones in Badcadia, since butterflies are said to be his favorite animal, and was desperate to own one as a pet when he was younger. He seems to care about the Badcadian creatures, as he sees them as “innocent beings who do not want to be taken away or brutally killed”. Due to the accident that caused him to be transported to Badcadia, he doesn’t seem to age overtime, and doesn’t suffer from natural causes either.


The prince wields a Rapier, a sword he trained with during his childhood. Though worn out, it has been possessed by the power of a butterfly, which prevents its blade from breaking.



[ Enemy ] The Prince is quite aware about Lux's presence, as if he knows that he would face them very soon. If he were to accept this challenge, then he must fight them in order to go home.



[ Ally(?) ] METON somewhat acts as an "ally" to the prince, and it seems to be helping him when troubles come upon him. However, he knows something odd about it and its behaviour...


Badcadian inhabitants

[ Varies ] As there are many inhabitants residing in Badcadia, the prince's relationship with them varies; he seems to be really caring with the innocent creatures, and is often on good terms with them, knowing that he will keep them safe from harm. He, however, despises the monsters, and knows that they are harming the innocent ones, so he fights back against them.