Basics:He/him or they/them pronouns. He has always been here. Probably wasn't born on July 19th.
Obtained:April 8th, 2017

A mysterious being who seems to be as old as Entirety itself. He lurks in the depths, and if you find yourself asking about which depths the answer is simply "all." There are records of encounters of him in almost all areas of Entirety, lurking in the deepest parts of the sea. Those who encounter him are often paralyzed with fear, and anyone who escapes and lives to tell the tale is forever changed. It seems it's mostly people with evil in their hearts who stumble upon him, leading to many myths that those with phobias of water are reincarnated from someone who met their end by his hands. Much about him remains unknown, and it seems that may be for the best. Rumor has it he can also be seen... at fast food restaurants sometimes...? Eldritch abominations get hungry too, you know.

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