Islette Paradisa



August 9th (22)
MYO #335
Made 4/23/2017
BG Credit
Species by Pajuxi

Beachside Cutie

A spoiled Dainty born in a tropical paradise. Her mother taught her that one's worth is measured by how much others envy you, insisting Islette could never be happy without a host to leech off of. As such, Islette grew up learning the essential skills for success: beauty, charm, and manipulation.

Once she could no longer cajole her family into pampering her, Islette set out to find the perfect host: someone hot, strong, rich, and just the right level of smart. After failing to land any locals who met her standards, she enrolled at Hell College in hopes of enhancing her charisma and perhaps finding a hunky bank account there.

"It's hard being so pretty and helpless!"

Islette quickly set her sights on professor Jing Hong, who she got the attention of by pretending to be defenseless and desperate for shelter. He took Islette in for her safety, but is completely oblivious to her advances and treats her more kindly and gently than she was anticipating.

He's actually teaching her quite a bit about building self-worth, establishing a genuine sense of identity, and nurturing her burgeoning interest in independence. She's worried she might become one of those upstanding members of society at this rate! Then she'll have to work hard and stuff! Hell College sure is scary...