[WIP] Sarende Celaenis



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Sarende Celaenis

Creator:He/him pronouns. At least 1,000 years old. Born January 4th.
Obtained:October 20th, 2017

A professor at Heaven College who's led a difficult life. On his planet there was a hostile takeover by its Hell. In his efforts to protect the humans living there, he was captured and taken to Hell where he was subjected to torture for a timespan he never allowed himself to find out, all for the sake of feeding off of the energy given off by his agony. When he was eventually freed, he was thoroughly traumatized and deeply afraid of demons. Eventually he went to Heaven College in hopes that he could learn how to protect himself and others from ever experiencing the same thing. Those in charge of the school took advantage of his feelings and made him a mouthpiece to voice its anti-demon views, feeding his fear and hatred. Though there's a kindness deep inside of him, he's become cold, untrusting, and easily provoked.

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