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Basic Info






I broke down and made one but look she's inky


Printer ink is the last thing anyone would want in their food, making it a mystery why anyone would even think about baking it into a cookie (wouldn't that be expensive too?). Their existence is overall a disaster with them leaving a trail of cyan, magenta, and yellow pigment wherever they go as well as stealing one unlucky person's stylus for themself. They have an eye for colors and can tell you the color values of anything by simply looking at it, or even how beautiful the smaller details of one object can be.


In given intervals, CMYKookie throws their stylus like a spear, creating small ink jellies (basically orbs, but they're cyan, magenta, or yellow) as well as destroying obstacles in their path. Collecting enough of these jellies activates an ink blast that destroys any obstacle on screen for a short time (level up would boost how frequently the stylus is thrown)



Misc. Facts

-Their hair is made of ink and when you touch it your hand can pass through it (think of it like a waterfall)

-Their filling is a thicker, multicolored sludge (inedible)



Squid Ink (friendly)"The poor creature. I want to help them see the world in a new palette," 
DJ (admiration)"So bright, vibrant, pigmented..,"
Tiger Lily (tension)"Hm? She doesn't like my stylus? What's so bad about it?"
Mustard (Trust)"An artist to another artist. I just prefer digital over spray paint,"

misc ocs (more of a for fun thing so nothing below here is "canon" to them)

Eve (tension)"Very Corparate. No passion,"
Errorface (friendly)"A strange hoarder, He has a lot of interesting things,"
XACTA (admiration)"I love her colors, her wild style... will only watch her from a distance though for many reasons,"


New"A new, blank page!"
Loading"(100%, 0%, 0%, 0%) , (0%, 100%, 0%, 0%), (0%, 0%, 100%, 0%)" / "Needs more saturation," / "I think i smudged something." / "Shoot did I lose my pen? Wait, I'm holding it!" / "Opening new file, save as >> CR.SVG"
Tired"Low ink..,"

Lobby Messages:

Daily Gift"I just finished making this for you!"
"Hi!""Helloooo,""Anything you need me to do?"
Like"Uhuhuhu you didn't need to""How wonderful <3"
Talk"Red sunsets are my favorite. So vibrant, so wonderful." / "Cyan? Magenta? Yellow? My favorite colors," / "Despite all the bad, many parts of the world are still beautiful,"
Gift(Regular) "Ahhh, a brilliant piece," / (Cake) "A lovely shade, and lovely taste!" / (Disliked Item) "Sorry, No thanks," / (Favorite Items/inks) "Amazing pigmentation! I love it!"