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Rance Candor is a nobleman from Khanador's island nation, Al'uan. He is the sole heir to the Candor Estate and the family business, Candor Jewelers. On the surface, he is a calm, pragmatic businessman looking to expand his products throughout Amestris. He is accompained by his close friend, Wolfram Morgenstern, who acts as a bodyguard and business partner. Together, they are the perfect image of balance, business, and wealth. The Candor brand is featured in many major cities across the globe, with multiple stores in the Arcadian Empire alone.

However, Rance has a vision of a world with equality and fairness. Corruption is rampant among many of the wealthy nobles in Amestris, and Rance despises such people. With the help of Wolfram, Rance surveys each country he travels to, city by city, all through the rural areas, to see how people are living. Are the rich giving back to the community, or are they abusing their power? Do people have a hard time making a living, or is the community peaceful with wealth equality? These are the signs Rance looks for before deciding to make a move against the corrupt in the area, shrouded in shadows and daggers ready, to take back the wealth that rightly belongs to those who need it from those who stole it.

With this mission to serve justice to the corrupt, he is also looking for signs of those who played a part in the murder of the Candor and Morgenstern families. Both were known to be charitable and fair, powerful despite their humble practices, and both planned to introduce a new stucture among the wealthy that would donate much of the excess income to the community -- and many did not take well to this proposal. The massacre that ensued would scar Rance and Wolfram for years, both being the last of their name. Rance hopes that in his quest to punish the corrupt and fulfill the Candor and Morgenstern proposal by force, the murderers will reveal themselves to them, ready to face justice.


  • He often visits and assists the miners his company employs to unearth precious stones and crystals and loves to get his hands dirty.
  • Occasionally he will frighten children by pretending he only has one eye.
  • He has a tendency to take huge risks, like leaping off buildings without warning and giving Wolfram a scare.
  • Although he is asexual, he is very receptive to loving affection from Wolfram, in private.
  • He sinks his excess wealth into charities around the world, most heavily in the southern continent where demonic rule has caused conflict and strife.
  • A lot of things are hidden inside the pocket dimension in his coat pockets; people can visit the pocket dimension, and can virtually be hidden there as well.
  • He cannot produce magic at will like most people can; he relies on spells, potions, summons, etc to do magic. As a result, he may not have a prolonged life like many magic users do.


"I only punish those who prey on the weak and revel in wealth unearned."

Rance is very introverted, even when putting on a show of serene calm in the midst of fellow nobility. He is kind to those who deserve it, and will punish those who do not. Logic is his strong suit, but he feels a deep empathy for people who've been forced to live in poverty. He is very reserved, and trusts no one except a close few, including Wolfram. He is very serious most of the time, keep his face neutral and his demeanor aloof as he keenly observes those around him. It's not often that he allows himself to be lighthearted, but only gives Wolfram that privilege. With what he takes from he rich, he gives generously to the poor. But not without reason, as he refuses to allow people to gorge themselves on greed, and instead makes sure that they properly build their community's wealth first. He is very cautious with his decisions, but often ends up making rather risky moves, much to Wolfram's fright. He never makes a move that has a high chance of failing. He was never raised to be naive, and has learned from experience with his father and without. He's trained under masters of the Shadowspear Brotherhood, helped rebuild villages destroyed by disease, famine, and war. He is not lazy by any means.

Rance is keenly aware of his privileged upbringing as part of Alu'an's noble class and the heir of his family's jewel company, and works hard to never let money and material items sway him. He has a strong sense of justice, and will often speak out against others in order to protect the weak. He is not very favorable among the upper class in Alu'an, but that is of no matter to him. He is polite to everyone he meets, whether they deserve that kindness or not, but is very warm and affectionate to his family and servants. Reserved by nature, but not held back when he is outspoken. He speaks well and measured, choosing to be taciturn until the need arises. He is disgusted by the rich who openly abuse their servants, but saves face by pretending to be among them. However, the suspected murder of his family while he was away makes it much harder to mask his disdain and absolute hatred for the wealthy, both as individuals and as a structure in society.



Bravery is important to Norvina: it has given her wealth, security, and a new love for life. Even if she is technically stealing it from others.


Cunning is what has kept Norvina alive all of these years, as a fugitive from Fillort's oppressive circle and a refugee of Gordaina's sudden explosion. When the separation and loss of her family occurred, she knew she had to be smart and brave and do what needed to be done to survive.


"Confidence is sexy" is Norvina's motto. Overconfident she is not, as she knows how to ground herself in reality. She always puts her best foot forward, with a grin on her face.


Although she likes to keep up the appearance of being strong and carefree, there is a part of Norvina that truly cares for others. There are ugly things that happen in the world, and she has experienced them for herself, and seen them experienced by others in turn. She found that feeling mirrored in Evitel, and together, they rely on each other for support.


  • Likes

  • Brewing coffee and tea, as a pastime.
  • Collecting ornate daggers, even though he only uses the one passed down through his family.
  • Dark, cold nights. Cool breezes.
  • Staying at local inns and interacting with the general populous.
  • Learning about different cultures, picking up new languages, and traveling the world to help others in need.
  • Dislikes

  • Greed, the oppression caused by the selfish wealthy.
  • Litter, pollution -- he often takes to picking up after people or making them do it.
  • Unnecessary deaths; when he sweeps a corrupt person's home, he always tries to do so without anyone noticing.
  • Bureaucracy, monarchy, the Empire's insistence on putting off votes or serious action.
  • Inequality among races, including dhampirs, animus, fae, and elves.






An inherent magical skill that allows Rance to alter and create pockets of space within objects, existing or otherwise. These spaces can hold any item, and allow the user to reach into the pocket to retrieve items at will. In this case, Rance uses this ability to alter the pockets of his coat--making them literally endless. Any weapon he needs is within reach in seconds.

Third Eye Awakening


A magic skill that sits within an onyx ring on his finger; a family heirloom, inherited by him in his family's demise. The skill allows him to manifest shadows that mask his appearance and make him practically invisible. The shadows can be manipulated to attack targets and suffocate them, but he prefers to use it for stealth.



Another skill granted by his family ring; this skill uses shadow magic to extend forward a certain distance and instantly move there. This skill is strengthened by a similar quickness he learned while training with assassins, making him seemingly teleport from place to place to an untrained eye.




Rance grew up in a rather strict household in the property his family owned in Daruki. His parents wanted him to grow up well-educated and well-mannered, as he was the eldest son and heir of the family's company. He was taught to be moral, and learned about the struggles and hardships of the poor. The people in his region were well cared for by his family, but his father would often take him on trips to the slums in the outer cities and villages of Alu'an, and in other countries, in order to see firsthand the way the disadvantaged were mistreated. With his father, he would often hand out toys made by his company to children in those areas, as well as performing construction work and helping out the people to give them some form of aid. It was hard, strenuous work, but it shaped him into the person he is now.

That Night

One night, when his family had been returning home from a trip to Eile, they found that the servants had been attacked, and soon realized that the culprits were still inside, waiting for them. They were masked, clad in black, showing that they might've been hired assassins from the Red Desert. His father and mother, while both well suited for battle, had to put up a fight while making sure that he and his younger brother and sister weren't harmed. Eventually, they failed. His youngest sister had been thrown against the edge of the stone fireplace, and his brother was impaled with a dagger when he'd rushed to help her. His mother, enraged and distraught, wedged herself between Rance and the sword that aimed towards him. She was impaled though the back, arms wide open to shield him. He'd never forget the way her blood felt, still warm, when it splattered across his face. He didn't have time to process it at the time; he grabbed a fallen sword and swung viciously, with the little knowledge he'd learned, becoming more of a hindrance to his father than he'd meant to. He father told him to run, told him a phrase that made little sense to him, told him to take care of himself. He took down the last of the men with him, as Rance fled. He ran into two assassins as he ran, trying frantically to compose himself and remember how to fight. He left the fight with both of them dead, and his face permanently scarred where one of them tried to carve out his eye.

The Aftermath

He was thirteen when the attack happened; five years passed, with the estate in pristine condition and protected by strong magic wards and his own personal guard of assassins. During that time, he traveled to the Red Desert, to find information on who had sent the attack; no one would tell him, no matter how high the price. He ended up paying them to teach him how to fight; with daggers, with poisons, and with magic. The riddle his father have given him before his death turned out to be something only he and his family would know, and he soon discovered the will his father had left in his care in case of an attack like the one they'd endured. In it, he inherited a family heirloom, an onyx ring made from Blackstone itself. It was infused with magical energy, giving him shadow-based magic where he previously had none.

Contuining On

Currently, Rance is traveling through the countries of Khanador, Cerilune, and Genova, for two different reasons: to aid the poor in various cities, and to conduct business with traders, merchants, and other company owners to strengthen his power. While aiding those in poverty, he helps to rebuild, resupply, or reorganize villages, towns, cities, or any kind of community that is living in poor conditions as a direct result of the wealth in the area that siphons resources from them. At night, sometimes weeks after he's officially taken his leave, he sneaks into the homes of each offending noble responsible to steal money, gold, jewels, or any precious material items in their possession, places it into a pocket dimension only he can access, and then redistributes the wealth equally among the people, in hopes that they will prosper. In order to keep suspicion away from him, he often uses various slow-moving poisons to throw off the timing of murders, sometimes months apart or the very same night. Research ahead of time allows for him to determine who is innocent and clean with their money, and who isn't. He has been doing this for five years, after his year of training with the assassins, and has remained undiscovered. They call him the Phantom Thief, as he leaves behind no trace, and no one ever hears him coming.





Wolfram's family became part of Rance's centuries ago, and they grew up together as close friends. Although Wolfram's family had a role of service and protection towards the Candors, they were always treated as friends and equals. Wolfram is no different, and has served by Rance's side ever since he first picked up a sword. When the Candor home was attacked, Wolfram's family suffered great losses as well. They both share the pain and loss of their family, and have been traveling the world together in hopes of making it better.




Evangeline had ties with the Candor family for centuries, and has been a close ally of Rance and Wolfram ever since they sought her out in Arcadia. She helps provide illusion spells for Rance and Wolfram, as well as relay any information regarding movements in the demonic realm, known corruption in various parts of the world, and more. She has also helped him master Shadow magic as a non-magic user, relying on potions, summoning, conjuring, and spellwork.




Rance met the Alvane twins once before in their Talos residence, during one of his visits to the Antares region. He had sought them out after hearing the whisperings of rumors in the town that they were corrupt, evil dhampirs, stealing blood from the young while they slept. Upon seeing that they were only spoken negatively about due to simply be dhampirs, he quickly befriended them. They also aided him in avoiding the suspicion of thievery of the rich, and he promised to help them in return, should they ever need it. He has played a major role in helping them escape a life chained to the Empire, hiding them in Alu'an until they can travel unnoticed to their homeland.


Hair color
Dark brown
Hair style
Long, wavy
  • She has beauty mark on the outer corner of her left eye.
  • Her nails are painted a maroon color.
  • She wears golden jewellry and piercings.




Ghost - Ashes

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