Quin Williams



4 months, 1 day ago


Name: Quin Williams

Nickname(s): Quilliam, Gay Boy (but only by close friends. It’s a joke between them. And he gets triggered when even his friends call him that.)

Age: 20

Height: 5’11

Sexuality: Heterosexual you fool

Appearance Description: Pink hair but the boi is straight. Darker skin and bright amber eyes that will see into your soul. He tends to glare a lot. His natural hair color is black, so his eyebrows are that color. He wears lots of red flannel.

Personality: Very salty, but not in a tsundere way. He’s just really mean. I tend to base his personality off of Benson from Regular Show. The two are actually pretty similar.

Short Backstory: In short, I designed him by looking up a shit ton of random generators and writing completely unrelated things onto a paper when I was bored and boom this idiot was born. The character backstory is rather uncomplicated. He’s just a college student who lives with a few friends in an apartment, and he tends to be the bitchy landlord, in a way. (enacting tight rules, getting on people about clothes left everywhere, whoever the hell deleted Doctor Who off his TiVo… etc.) He claims that his hair is pink because it was originally a bet, and he kept it because it became his “thing” and no one could really see it any way else. And they can’t. But in reality, he just really likes the color. Screw gender norms.