Russel Daniels



4 months, 1 day ago


Name: Russel Daniels

Nickname(s): idfk

Age: 21

Height: 6’2

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance Description: Loveloveloves skater fashion. Always wears a Supreme hoodie his girlfriend bought him. Short brown hair, bright blue eyes, rectangle wire-rimmed glasses, usually is smoking. (But it’s only for the aesthetic. He tries to look cool.)

Personality: d o y o u e v e n 1337 b ro

Short Backstory: Stereotypical college student. Always typing on a MacBook with a “Thrasher” magazine sticker over the apple and never seen without an energy drink or caffeinated beverage of some sort. He’s usually doing actual work on the laptop, as he’s very skilled at programing and hacking, but he’ll occasionally be seen doing classwork. His main job is hacking computers and he’ll hack his friend’s computers for fun, to get the dirt on them or to pull pranks. Only once did he maliciously put a virus on an unsuspecting person’s computer and that was because he knew they would come to him to get it off and he really needed the money. Gotta pay dat rent, ya know? And yes, I did name him after Jack Daniels shut up