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Name: Clover



Height: 5'6

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance Description: Long, flowy, dirty blonde hair, grassy green eyes, a Zephyr Lily behind her ears, light skin with a bit of a tan from the sun, a light white dress. She never wears shoes.

Personality: Super sweet, playful, energetic! But she for some reason always had a looming feeling of sadness inside. It was the weird unjustified sort of depression. The kind that's just there to be there that you'd need medication to rid of.

!hecc! watch out! sad heccin' stuff ahead!

Whole-ass Backstory: The girlfriend to Ruby and the mom of Lily! As a kid, she and Ruby immediately clicked and were nearly inseparable. They spent all their free time together. She was a pretty bad influence, though, and would try to pull Ruby away from his studies to pay attention to her. Not in a "center of attention" way, but in an "I want to have fun with you" sort of way. After a while, the two's relationship... escalated. Clover wanted to have a good time because in books they did a weird thing that apparently was nice and she was like "hey let's go for it" and Ruby hesitantly agreed. Of course, this "good time" ended well, but with consequences. This consequence was Clover having a kiddo. Clover of course panicked, but Ruby was cool with it. Once the kiddo was born, things went smoothly, aside from a bit of shade towards Ruby from Clover's parents. It impacted Clover negatively despite Ruby being a super-ultra-positive bean who just wanted to be as nice as possible and raise a wholesome kid. She felt guilty because obviously she was a young teenager and she had a kid. Her parents were rather disapproving of it, though they helped her when needed. After a few years and Clover repressing negative emotions, it all just imploded and Clover was no more. Ruby ended up taking care of the kid and being sent into a spiral of depression. He bounced back, but it took a while. He felt that it was his fault, though in reality it really wasn't, as Clover never mentioned how she felt bad.