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Crab Legs was not the first to discover The Aboveground. Garvey is the tragic result of a kotalkai being caught by humans. As expected with their race, they buried his capture under excuses and cover-ups and kept him as a lab rat. He spent 13 years of his life in a cell made of bulletproof glass, being fed beef jerky, spam, and other non-perishable foods. Each new chemical, medicine, or vaccine his captors made was fed to him to test its effects. This, combined with the cruelty and unsympathetic treatment, made him despise anything 50 feet outside his cell. Time passed, and the scientists in charge of the corporation that was holding him had perfected a new toxin. They called it T-16x, due to the fact that it increased sight, smell, hearing, heart rate, durability, and strength by 16 times. They considered human test subjects but turned down the idea due to there being fear that there may be casualties due to the toxins probable abilities to overwhelm the senses. They injected the toxin into mice, and after the mice had been reduced to a bloody mess, rendering them out of options, they decided that Garvey was their last resort. After restraining him and injecting him with the toxin, they observed that he, incredibly, withstood the toxin. He even seemed to be overjoyed by the effects, rather than panicked. The scientists took notes and let him be, unaware of what they had just done. Just 2 hours after they had left, the alarms went off, and the building went into a state of emergency. Garvey had broken loose and had begun accidentally shutting certain compartments of the facility down in his rage. He tore parts of the wall out and ripped out any circuitry it revealed. He mauled security and those who worked at the facility, and he practically ruined everything the researchers had worked on, Eventually, he found or rather broke his way to where the scientists who had studied him were hiding. He made them suffer as he had suffered. After his outburst had subsided, he observed what the scientists had been working on; a large tank that in which could hold enough toxin for an average human to live off of for 40 years. Attached to the tank were 2 leather straps, and 3 tubes, each designed to attach to a certain part on the body. He attached them to himself and strapped the tank to his back. He set out into the desert, increasing the gap between him and his old prison. All things documenting the existence of kotalkai perished along with his captors. Shortly after, he adopted a life of crime, selling himself to the highest bidder. If someone needed him to pull off a bank heist, he’d tear the safe door from its hinges and pull it off, as long as he got a cut of what he stole. Someone could fire a rocket at him, and he would live to see another day. He dropped this life, however, when a group of strange individuals approached him. Recognizing his potential, they offered him a spot in their alliance. His ego stroked, he gave up his boring past-job and came to assist in their overall goal: to destroy mankind, lead by an eyeless man.


Despite what one may assume, Garvey does not act insane. He is mostly very calm and collected, say for when things get intense. This is due to his mindset of him being able to deal with anything that does not simply retreat or grovel at his feet. His only weakness is his addiction. The toxin flowing through his veins has taken a psychological toll on his mindset, with him thinking he cannot live without it. Take away his toxin, and he is nothing but a kotalkai gone mad. One may not assume this upon first glance, but Garvey shows remorse for only one thing: cats.   


Garvey is a tall kotalkai with red skin. He possesses all the abilities the average member of his species is given at birth. In order to hide his identity, he disguises as a short, hunched old man whenever he appears in public, with a cane and a trenchcoat (the hunch being the tank he refuses to take off). His hair is unorganized and disheveled, a result of years in solitude. His eyes glow green with the venom flowing through his veins. One thing that makes him different from any other kotalkai is his tail. Unlike most others, his stinger is slightly barbed, and rather than a pattern decorating it, his tail has a triangle shaped hole in the center. Lastly, his tail is slightly uneven, the front half is longer than the back. 

Relationships With Others

Crab Legs - "I will break him one day."

Jenny - "Let's hope her bones are as strong as her attitude."

Leland - "He has no useful attributes. Useless!"

Riley - "She should be lucky she doesn't have bones."

Flintlock - "This coward thinks he can surpass my strength! Hah!"

Doodle Crab - "Stupid little thing..."

Twigs - "She oddly saddens me..."

A-57 - "The boss needs to give me a break."

A-V2 - "If she's anything like her brother, I must strategize."

Angry - "He displeases me."

Stein - "I appreciate the repairs to my equipment."

Möntrözma - "Not even a demon can overpower me!"